Musicians Are Adopting 3D Laser Scanning

Using technology to involve fans

Though most of our country has gone into lockdown over COVID-19 certain things are more popular than ever. More movies are released directly to the public instead of theaters, and music videos are being released while being socially distant from others. Musicians and other artists have adopted technology to produce, promote, and connect with fans worldwide, all while keeping their distance. 3D laser scanning has entered this world and is now more relevant than ever before.

Glass Animals, along with many other musicians, have understood the importance of adopting all the new and latest technology. Many others have started using 3D laser scanning, but this group is doing something a little different. They are asking their fans to download an app, and then 3D scan their own heads, so the band can use them in a music video.

Using the images of fans heads, they will be able to create something fun, unique, and give the fans an interactive experience. To do this, the fan will need to download and app called Trnio. This is a 3D laser scanning app that can be downloaded to many different types of phones. You use the app in the same way you would use a 3D laser scanning device.


First, as a fan, you will need to download the app and work through the tour. This is extremely important because there will be other features you may want to learn about. Once you download the app, choose, and object to practice on. Aim the camera, walk slowly around the object, and get the top and bottom of the object. This will help create a full picture with immense detail. The app will also give you the direction of where to walk so you will not miss any details. Once you get it down, you can do your own head, or help with someone else’s! That’s it. The app should be easy enough for everyone to use, and then after you can send your head to Glass Animals.

Versions of 3D laser scanning

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace and cannot be stopped. We are continually learning to utilize 3D laser scanning to help in our everyday lives. Due to so many people adopting this tool, there are more versions than ever before.

The first 3D laser scanning equipment originated in the 1960s. However, the first scanner used by engineers and others was not created until many advancements happened in the 1990s. From there, it continued to become an extraordinary tool. It has become a small hand-held device, that is budget-friendly, and can pick up insanely tiny details.

Who else uses 3D laser scanning

Many people in entertainment have adopted this technology to create outstanding videos while keeping socially distant. Selena Gomez recently used 3D laser scanning that featured soaring landscapes even though she could not be there. Now, Glass Animals is using this to create a unique video, and viewers can’t wait to see all of the things they come up with using 3D laser scanning.

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