Using 3D Laser Scanning for Better Aerodynamics

Researchers are able to recreate parts in a non-desctructive way

Watching races has been an exciting part of our lives that has unfortunately stopped over the last few months. However, they haven’t stopped working on superbikes to make them better than ever before. They are using 3D laser scanning devices to scan the fastest bikes, create copies of pieces, and test them through a wind tunnel.

Technology has allowed us to upgrade many versions of cars, copters, and planes without destroying what is already there. 3D laser scanning in no way harms the products or equipment being scanned. It is essential to get pieces that they need without taking molds or ripping out original pieces. The goal is to create a bike with the top speed in all the world. Using the latest technology, researchers and engineers are on their way to achieving that.

Researchers were able to create an exact replica from the data the 3D laser scanning equipment collected. Then taking the reproduction, they were able to test how every piece worked, and they raced the model. Once the researchers so how it worked, how fast the replica was able to go, they were able to tweak the pieces and take certain ones off. Once they find out what parts work best, they can change the original model for the highest speed.

“Using a 3D model like this allows us to work more efficiently on development of our RR, While a real rider must travel to get here, the plastic version is available at any time for testing in the wind tunnel. This means that we can evaluate and implement updates even faster.” Says Marc Bongers from BMW Motorrad Motorsport Director. 

How does this technology work

3D laser scanning is a versatile tool, due to this, many companies around the world are adopting it. This is a handheld device that takes rapid pictures of a person, place, or object. Some have a projecting beam called laser beams that measure how long the bounce of the light is. This light helps it collect accurate measurements.

It collects things like dimensions, sizes, color, textures, and anything in between. It is the perfect way to get exact replicas without causing any external or internal damage. It uses lasers and images to collect the data, nothing has to be taken out or taken apart to get the information.

Once the data is collected, it is saved in the cloud server, where it is stored forever. Anyone with access can receive this information. Everything collected can be sent through an electronic file to anyone else in the world. They can choose to keep it stored, print it as a physical model, or they have the option to turn it into virtual reality.

3D laser scanning is updating our old products

Technology has gone so far in our world. More than ever, we are learning to utilize 3D laser scanning for the best results, and it has not let us down. We continue to grow and advance using this technology. More versions of this technology are hitting the market; as new releases come out, they are rapidly being adopted more than any other technology.

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