Major Car Maker Uses 3D Scanning To Guarantee Accuracy For Licensees

3D scanning Keeps the Show Going

If any one is a Star Wars fan, you know that Star Wars is much more than just a movie. The movie has become a huge business for all kinds of products related to the film. You name it. Whatever product exists in Walmart most likely has had a Star Wars label on it. Star Wars themed, candy bars, mugs, Halloween costumes, toys, socks, or whatever you can imagine. The Star Wars theme itself has already become a very lucrative business. That is true for a lot of other things too. General Motors is another company that has a good side-business of selling products related to their cars. To help them do that they are using 3D scanning services.

Cars to Candy bars by 3D scanning services

There are lots of choices if companies want to create a product that models the design after a General Motors vehicle. GM has a history of about a century of cars. They have kept a collection of all of those cars in the GM Heritage Center. Over 200 cars that represent GM car are there in running order. Although the cars kept there are out of production, it does not mean that there is not use for them. Companies who have become their licensees want to use the design of some of their cars to make things like toys, candy bars, and other items. Since General Motors has a complete collection of all of their cars they are able to provide licensees to provide the specific dimensions for each model.

Do it right with 3D scanning services

It isn’t as simple as GM just giving these companies permission to use their car designs. GM has to make sure that what people are producing are accurate representation of their cars. If a toy car model company want to reproduce a miniature model of a ’57 Chevy Bel Air but doesn’t represent it correctly, GM will not be happy. They do not want their reputation hurt become someone misrepresented them. For this reason GM has to take measure to guarantee that licensees are doing things right. One way that they are doing this is through 3D scanning.

Using 3D scanning services to Digitize it all

3D scanning services is an accurate way for GM to guarantee that those who want to make products after their cars to get the job done right. 3D scanning services can create a perfect digital model of every car. If a company wants to make a Pontiac GTO matchbox car, then they can make their toy car mold based upon the digital scan. This makes it easier for both end. It is less trouble from the product manufacturers to get things right the first time, and it causes less trouble for GM to have to deal with products designs that deviate from the original design. This also allows them to present a whole collection of digital models to potential customers who would want to use them for product.

3D scanning is making things easier for companies like GM to continue to make profit on their old products. So the next time you see a product like a toy Cadillac or Corvette remember that it just might been created using a 3D scanner.

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