Peek Around Corners With 3D Laser Scanning

Avoid A Bad Surprise by using 3D laser scanning services

How many of you out there like a good shocker? I guess it all depends on the situation, right? I mean, waking up to a stock market crash is not really the kind of shocker most people want. How about getting an I cube stuffed down your shirt by a freckle-faced cousin at your sister’s wedding? No, thanks. There are food shockers, too. I remember playing a game with my brother, I told him to close his eyes and open his mouth. Once he did, I proceeded to empty out a bottle of Tabasco sauce into his mouth cavity. The surprise there was not how fast my brother could run, but how hard he could punch me my face. There are sticker price shockers that can go both ways. They can be really cheap or way too expensive. The type of shocker that I want to talk about is the corner shocker. You drive your car down the street and come to an intersection. Suddenly, some truck blindsides your car from the right. That would be a bad surprise. Now to help with that, technology 3D laser scanning services is working on a way to avoid it.,

No Shocks With 3D Laser Scanning Services

What if you had the ability to see around corners? Wouldn’t that save a lot of trouble in a lot of situations. Well, it turns out that some researchers at Heriot-Watt University are working on it. The basics are taking shape even though a lot of improvement needs to be done. Engineers are working on making it possible to detect an object that is located around a corner. They are using 3D laser scanning technology. This is basically how it works. A laser beam is directed toward a wall at an angle. The beam reflects off of the wall and then bounces off of the object back onto the scanner. The beam that is reflected back is processed through some software that can reconstruct the object in a 3D model.  

Nerdy 3D laser scanning Technology

This type of technology was made for those nerdy guys that try to show off on the job. You know who you are. You are the kind of guys who say “Watch this!” After that you try a behind-the-back off-the-wall ricochet shot into the garbage can. These sorts are just bored with a straight scan. They need an under-the-leg around-the-corner shot to show off their 3D laser scanning services skills.

3D laser scanning Technology to save your life

On the more serious side, this 3D laser scanning technology is bound for some good application. The one mentioned above is probably the best so far. Imagine if this 3D corner bending technology was used in vehicle navigation. Most blindsided hits from the side could be avoided just by being a bit more cautious at the intersection. I am sure though that the number of collisions could be dropped if driver’s had some type some warning device. They need it to tell them if something is coming around the corner. This could especially be useful for mountain roads with lots of switchbacks. A two second warning could save a life!

Leave it to 3D scanning services to bring us new innovative ways to apply 3D scanning technology. Maybe the next shocker will be what will come next.

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