Masks Are Created with Machines

Preventing the spread of germs

Many people are at home or social distancing. States and countries are slowly coming out of lockdown but still wary of the possibility there will be a rise in the number of COVID-19 cases. This virus has taken us by surprise, and together we are facing this challenging time. Though most of us continue to keep our distance, some of us can’t. This includes the doctors and nurses who continually put their lives at risk to help us. Large companies have taken it upon themselves to help these amazing heroes by using their 3D laser scanning equipment to create personal protective equipment.

The world is in an anxious struggle, trying to keep safe and living a healthy life. While most of us struggle, our doctors and nurses are going through turmoil. Their protective equipment is at an all-time low, and they need it to keep themselves safe as well as others. 3D laser scanning is coming to their rescue and helping create these products faster than ever before.

How it works

The coolest thing about 3D laser scanning is that little to no human touch is required in the process. A person such as a nurse or a doctor is scanned. The measurements are taken of many different people on a team of doctors and nurses. From that scan, researchers take the information, plug it into a system where they can edit it, and then send that information to a 3D printer. It is then printed and turned in to the hospital.

3D laser scanning takes rapid pictures and is completely non-invasive. It causes no harm to the body, and best of all, it does not transfer any germs because it uses a light beam. There is no by hand measurements, but it is just as accurate as taking them by hand. It may be more specific.

Who is utilizing this technology now

There have been many companies worldwide with access to 3D laser scanning who have changed gears and production lines to help our doctors. Anyone with a 3D laser scanning device has been asked to help with this cause. Most companies have happily done so instead of shutting their doors.

NVision Inc in Southlake, Texas, is one of the companies that decided to help during the COVID-19 pandemic. They have used 3D laser scanning devices to help run engineering projects for over 30 years and has always helped in the medical field with things like scalpels and orthodontic braces. It was not a surprise when they turned to help with protective equipment. They, like so many others, have a duty to help when it is needed.

3D laser scanning will help save lives

This technology has developed into a popular tool that allows us to create equipment rapidly, without spreading germs. It is a new technology that was only adopted in the late 1990s but has shaped the world we live in. We can no longer deny that 3D laser scanning is starting to become utilized in many areas, including our healthcare system. Masks and other protective equipment are in very high demand, and using 3D laser scanning the world will have a chance at staying safe.

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