Nondestructive Testing Adopts 3D Laser Scanning

Providing noninvasive and much more accurate scans

Gas and oil companies are something we heavily rely on in our world. We are continually using gas and oil to run our cars, cities, and homes. Without it, we would be living very differently. Each gas and oil company has to go out and take surveys of the pipes they have underground. It helps them maintain quality in their products as well as a safe working environment for the employees. There are certain codes and regulations they have to follow to be a well-running business.

Creaform has created one of the best 3D laser scanning devices for gas and oil companies to adopt. They also have an NDT program to help them determine the state of their pipe. It allows technicians to inspect wrinkles or damage in a pipe and is crucial for them to use if they want to maintain the quality of their pipelines. The way this company has designed and upgraded this technology is genuinely impressive and will help many companies in the niche worldwide. It may be slowly adopted, but as people see the benefits, they too will utilize it.

What is NDT

NDT stands for nondestructive testing and is used in several different fields. It is used to determine the properties of a material and evaluate if they are good or not for whatever project they are used in. NDT uses several pieces of equipment to evaluate objects, and the newest is 3D laser scanning. It provides a noninvasive away to take measurements and study all objects on a specific site.

How can 3D laser scanning works

3D laser scanning is a fantastic tool that everyone is starting to adopt because of the versatile uses. It is a small handheld device that picks up every single detail of an object. In this case, it takes rapid pictures of a pipe, helping to determine if there are any holes, wrinkles, or bad spots that need to be replaced. Once it takes quick pictures, the information is stored into the Creaforms database that is connected to the cloud, making it one of the best places to store data and securely.

Benefits of 3D laser scanning

Using this technology can make a survey go faster than it would be sending multiple people down to inspect each different piece. It is incredibly reliable, making it safer than other tools. It is also noninvasive, meaning nothing will get destroyed during this process. 3D laser scanning is much more accurate than human eyes, so it picks up smaller, harder to see details. This can also help save on repairs and other costs it takes to keep a site running.

Creaform has created an incredible device

There are so many competing companies in our world all developing new designs of 3D laser scanning devices. This device from Creaform has allowed gas and oil companies to become more reliable and have way safer environments. That is truly remarkable. As our world keeps moving forward, we will see more versions of this technology, and we will see more areas utilizing it to take their safety to the next level.

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