Mobile Scanning Becomes New and Improved

Capturing more accurate information faster and safer

3D laser scanning is a hot commodity, and everyone is getting in on the action. Now there are new and improved ways to use this technology. The more businesses that adopt this tool to use, the more of a commodity it becomes. There are now tools to make indoor mapping of buildings easier than ever before. This can be a crucial step and a big part of the process for construction crews.

There are now 3D laser scanning devices that focus on high-quality scans, and one of the biggest names in the market right now is called NavVis. They have created an indoor mapping device that uses SLAM, also known as simultaneous localization and mapping. This can help create accurate indoor models.

Many people have adopted this technology because of the incredible benefits of 3D laser scanning. There have also been many different companies that have started creating better tools for the best outcomes. It has been a very intense market that has become highly competitive.

Why is indoor mapping important

You have heard of using 3D laser scanning to map the outside world. Still, you probably weren’t aware that anyone used this for indoor mapping too. There used to be a large gap between the tools that could map the inside and outside of places. Now, that gap is coming to an end with such advanced equipment. There are many reasons for the indoor map.

  • Layouts- This allows the researcher to map out any building on the inside. This can enable cops, firefighters, and anyone else to fully understand the ins and outs of a building. This can help save thousands of lives. This is why having accurate indoor mapping solutions like 3D laser scanning can be crucial.
  • Maintenance- This allows everyone to see where there could be potential hazards and anything they need to fix. It also allows them to see where most people come and go.
  • Virtual Reality- Instead of showing a building in a basic way, they can use this to give virtual tours of their building’s insides. This allows a brand to appear transparent with company culture. This can help a brand attract more potential clients and customers.
  • Problem Solving- Using 3D laser scanning means that they have an accurate representation of the entire building. If there are any problems and employee can point out exactly where the problem is. This can help them solve problems faster instead of getting everything inspected.

Indoor mapping buildings can be just as important as mapping outside. 3D laser scanning makes it more possible than ever before to get accurate information.

Final thoughts

There is nothing like 3D laser scanning, and it has created a safer and faster running world. Many of our biggest buildings will soon undergo some form of mapping to keep everyone safe and keep the building fully maintained. This is a competitive market, but most people will have access to some form of a high-quality 3D laser scanning device. Our world is changing and evolving rapidly.

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