Virtual Event for The Air Force

Using technology to solve big problems

A new event called the Advanced Manufacturing Olympics has been set for October 20th-23rd to help connect people from multiple areas of defense and learn new technology. It will show the Air Force exactly how additive manufacturing and 3D laser scanning can be used to upgrade old tactics. This technology and learning how to use it in the best way possible can help take our military to the next level and keep our women and men safe.This three-day event will help members of the air force connect with other branches who have used 3D laser scanning. There will be 5 whole challenges in the event that will allow the team to learn about 3D laser scanning, how to use it, and how it can help some big problems the air force faces daily.Additive Manufacturing is the next step our military can use and adopt. On top of that, 3D laser scanning devices allow other opportunities to be given to our military teams. It is a way to gather more information, reverse engineer crucial parts, and have open access to information among many branches.

What are the benefits of using 3D laser scanning

The military using this technology could save lives and help teach the soldiers important things before going on the battlefield. This event teaches a team everything needed to know about 3D laser scanning is crucial.
  • Knowledge- Using this device can help spread knowledge and teach soldiers in multiple different areas. Every bit of information is collected and stored in a partnering system. This makes it easy to learn and observe the information and send it to someone else quickly.
  • Precise- The 3D laser scanning device can pick up all information, which can help soldiers learn to reverse engineer something without taking it apart. They can do it in the editing system, learn how it works, take it apart, and easily put it back together.
  • Training- One person can go out and scan the piece of equipment their team will use. They can then use that information to create virtual reality training. Instead of learning in a textbook, they can go into space virtually and learn everything they need to know before going out into the field. This can help change training and help our men and women feel more confident.
  • Digital Copies- Any original pieces of equipment can be digitally preserved through 3D laser scanning. That way, they can never be destroyed, stay in the cloud forever, and any piece in those digital copies can be 3D printed.
There are so many people in the military that can benefit from this technology. 3D laser scanning can change the military in so many ways, and this new virtual event will be a huge hit and connect people.

Final thoughts

There is nothing like 3D laser scanning on the market; it is a totally unique piece of equipment that has advanced and developed since the 1960s. As our world evolves, we will continue to adopt this incredible technology.

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