Online Retailers Using 3D Laser Scanning

Allowing more freedom for shoppers and less guessing

COVID-19 has shaken our world, and we are still battling it. Those who want to stay safe remain socially distant, but that has seriously affected our stores. Many stores and retailers have started emerging online, and it has helped them stay in business during this pandemic. 3D laser scanning devices have begun to emerge in our everyday lives, and it is helping these businesses succeed.

How so? It helps shoppers find the right fit and continue to shop for fashion and the things they love. Many of us can agree that in-store shopping can sometimes be better than online shopping because you get to try on clothes and see how they look before purchasing. 3D laser scanning helps rid consumers of this problem and allows more freedom when online shopping and less guessing. This has helped raise online fashion store sales.

3D laser scanning has increasingly changed our world and helped shape our lives. Many new things are coming out that use this latest technology, and it is truly helping some businesses stay relevant and not fall behind during this pandemic. Though this can’t be said for everything, not all businesses can acquire the tools to make it happen.

How 3D laser scanning can help a business

Though this technology is advanced, many businesses can adopt the tools, and there are some very clear advantages a business will get by using 3D laser scanning. This technology is incredible but so straightforward that everyone can use it.

  • In-store experience- Consumers are hesitant to shop online because they don’t know their exact sizes. 3D laser scanning helps make precise body measurements and allows them to pick the perfect size based on these measurements.
  • Return Rate- This rate can severely drop with the help of this technology. Most people return their items due to wrong sizes or bad fittings. This technology allows them to shop with more precision.
  • Privacy- Most smartphones already have 3D laser scanning installed in them. We used it most days when we even get into our phones to unlock it. This in no way invades someone’s privacy and can help them shop more successfully online.
  • Noninvasive- This is a noninvasive way to get measured, and it doesn’t harm you. There is no touching and no hassle to get use a 3D laser scanning device, and it picks up every inch you may or may not be aware of.

This technology can be added to online apps and websites to help consumers lower the store’s return rate. Soon any retailer looking to stay in business will want to adopt this technology. It is budget-friendly and is now compatible with most phones.

Final thoughts

There is nothing better than making sales in business. However, with COVID-19 raging onwards, we are adapting to new situations. For most businesses, that means adopting technology that can potentially help consumers buy more and return less, all while staying up to date. Technology has helped shape so many things, and now it is shaping retail and how we interact with online shops.

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