Liberty of Poetry is Replicated with Scanning

Capturing accurate details of historical objects

In the church of Santa Croce in Florence, Italy, it is a famous statue, “Liberty of Poetry”. It has been replicated using 3D laser scanning devices. This technology could be one of the best ways to capture historical objects’ accurate details for many reasons. It is also helping complete museum’s collections around the world because it can share accurate efile that can be 3D printed. A group of college kids were able to fully recreate this statue in a precise manner.

How does 3D laser scanning work

This device usually comes in a small handheld device that anyone can carry. It is straightforward to use. All anyone must do is aim and point. The small device takes care of the rest, and most will even give you instructions on the screen. You will need to be sure you get to scan every single side of an object without missing anything. This will help the information be incredibly accurate and precise.

3D laser scanning works by using lasers that measure the distance the light travels while taking fast pictures simultaneously. This is a way to ensure that every hold, every scratch, surface, and texture is picked up clearly. It gathers so many small details it truly takes the handwork out of observing things and makes it much easier to create historical artifacts without the risk of ruining them.

Benefits of using 3D laser scanning

This technology has so many crazy benefits. That is why more museums and researchers are taking advantage of this technology.


This technology does not have to touch an object. You just need to stand and point the device to capture information. There is no need to physically touch an object with something so precise. This is one of the best ways to observe a piece without harming it in any way.

3D laser scanning is more precise, and detail capturing than even an average camera could be. It allows a researcher to go more in-depth without actually getting super close to the object.

Rightful owners

The best thing about using 3D laser scanning to replicate statues is that it allows the original piece to stay. There is no shipping or moving the object; there is no risk of breaking or ruining it. The artifact will stay in its original museum while a copy gets shared to others across the world.

Sharing information

This is one of the best ways to share efile quickly. Whoever scans the object will have the information send to the cloud where it is held forever. From there, the user has the option to send it to any person’s computer. That person is allowed to edit it and print it just how it is. It is one of the fastest and most unique ways to share knowledge.

Final thoughts

Using 3D laser scanning for museums and creating artifacts or monuments is one of the best ways to replicate them without harming the originals. Using the most up to date technology, we are preserving our history and sharing it with thousands. Many more museums will be using this technology in the future, we are sure of this.

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