Rail Inspections Adopt 3D Laser Scanning Devices

Increasing the level of precision

3D laser scanning devices may seem like the one all be all, especially when we talk about additive manufacturing. The truth is these devices totally come close to being everything we need and more. They have proven to be incredibly useful with upgrading facilities and making sure products are high-quality. Unsurprisingly, this technology is now used to measure rail inspections, ensuring that they are straighter than ever before with no problems.

In South Korea, a company called DREAMTNS.LTD used RIEGL VZ-400i to figure out how precise they could get when measuring the rails’ straightness. They could then take this data back, knowing if it were accurate to use other things to help upgrade their manufacturing space and save lots of time. This also allows them to create structures that are more accurate at a rapid space. This is a characteristic that many other tools do not possess.

This allows them to see which rails were bent, how they got bent, and how they can fix the process. 3D laser scanning gives someone a unique outlook on how something happened because it is so precise. There are so many unique benefits to using this technology; many people around the world are adopting it.

Who else can use this technology

Due to the insane benefits of 3D laser scanning, many people worldwide have been using this device. It has expanded in uses, and we are seeing several people in different fields adopt this technology, not just for manufacturing.


College kids and even high school kids are using this device as a study aid. In fact, some smartphones are going to have 3D laser scanning devices embedded in them. Other kids have found apps that are almost just as precise as the handheld devices you will typically see.


Using a 3D laser scanning device can be one of the fastest ways to make archeological discoveries without causing any destruction to space. It is a way to collect data, analyze it, and send it across the world without having to worry about taking the artifact away from its rightful home.

Interior designers

This equipment is some of the best for interior designers because it allows them to scan the room and have all the dimensions on hand as they are shopping or remodeling. This also allows them to edit the space in a CAD program to witness how what they imagine will look.


Many doctors have found great uses for 3D laser scanning devices, including full-body scanners, to research a patient’s body. This allows a doctor to fully understand what is going on inside a person and find any sickness or abnormalities without touching the patient.

Final thoughts

It is no surprise that additive manufacturing is reaping many benefits from using 3D laser scanning devices. We can see this technology emerging in many more as well. It gives us a way to study things, refine processes, and even make people more comfortable. It is upgrading our facilities and helping us remove low-quality products from being sent out. This is impressive, and 3D laser scanning will continue to impress us.

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