Ooventus 3d scanning for sleep apnea

3d scanning helps create a custom sleeping mouthpiece

There is nothing worse than having your walls shake in the night from someone snoring next to you or in the next room. Although it’s easy for your roommates to laugh off the disruptions, there are some major issues that come with snoring, specifically, sleep apnea. According to the Mayo Clinicsleep apnea is a potentially dangerous sleep disorder in which the sleeper repeatedly stops and starts breathing throughout the night. It’s almost like the sleeper holds their breath for long pauses. It’s not only scary for your roommates, but it might also prevent the sleeper from getting a good night’s sleep.An Australian company, Oventus, is about to release a new device which will help people whose air passages get blocked during the night hours. It’s produced through 3D scanning and 3D printing. First, a 3D scan takes an image of your mouth, and then the company is able to 3D print a device that fits your mouth perfectly. This device is designed specifically to help people get a better nights sleep and to cut down on snoring. After raising up the millions of dollars worth of funds needed to get it on the market, it is now ready for launch.

a new solution: sleeping device created by 3D scanning, 3D printing

Chris Hart, the man who founded this project was a suffer of sleep apnea himself. He tried every method he could find to solve his sleep problems, but was without success until he partnered up with his former teammate with the CSIRO. The two together came up with a device based on a dental device used for surgery into a 3D printed mouth-piece device. The device is made out of titanium and custom fitted for the individuals mouth. This device works by helping the flow be directed toward the back of the mouth so as to reduce obstruction while breathing. The key to this device is its perfectly fitted mouth piece made only possible by the ability to make a 3D scan of the inside of a person’s mouth. When it comes to the insides of our mouths, there is no one size fits all. The perfectly fitted mouth piece is going to feel comfortable and reduce any air leakage because of any awkward fit.   

where is it launching?

Oventus Medical has worked hard to make this all possible. They have done their homework, put their innovation to the grind and produced a personalized breathing device and is going to improve people’s sleep. Now that this device has the go from the FDA, it is going to be rolling out as beta testing sites are already using it throughout the U.S. The patents for other countries are on the way. Roads into Asian and European markets are soon expected.  

current results

So far the results of this device have been better than anyone had expected. With it, people are getting better sleep and they have drastically reduced or even eliminated their snoring. There is nothing more disruptive to ones life than a bad night sleep. It affects your job, your relationships, and even your safety in the car. The fact that million of Americans are suffering from sleep apnea tells us that we need devices like this which can improve the quality of our sleep. I’m sure that there are other ways that 3D printing technology can improve the quality our lives Companies like Oventus show us that there really are solutions to age old problems. We only need to find them.   

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