Personalized Insoles Created with High Tech

Fast and incredibly accurate

Believe it or not, taking care of our feet is massively crucial for so many different reasons. It can hinder work performance when we do not have the proper shoes, and you’re less likely to keep your body moving when your feet hurt. This can lead to many health complications that could be avoided if you had the right set of shoes. However, most shoes are made in a factory and not specifically for you. This is where insoles come in. Many people in the business of creating insoles have adopted 3D laser scanning devices to custom make insoles for you.

Custom made insoles are incredibly different than the insoles you can buy at the store. They cater to your feet, your curves, and your problems. Other insoles can’t do this because they are also made at a factory in a one size fits all form. Yes, they may work, but not as well.

Fleet Feet, a company focused on technology and feet have created a way to measure your feet in 5 seconds using a 3D laser scanning device. This may seem fast, but it is incredibly accurate and can help you gain insight on your feet that you never knew. It can help determine if one foot is bigger, more curved, and have any significant problems connected to your feet.

Once your feet get scanned, the information is saved, and they can create custom made products just for you. Staying up to date with the latest technology has helped keep Fleet Feet in business for over 41 years. Now, with the help of 3D laser scanning, they can stay more relevant than ever before, and help you work around health issues. They can create insoles that will help you move better, stay on your feet longer, and keep up to date with any changes.

3D laser scanning is some of the most advanced technology

There are so many advantages to Fleet Feet using 3D laser scanning. It allows them to connect with their customers and provide something that no one else can. This has been used for doctors to gain insight, but now it can be used for retailers catering to their consumers. What are some of the other benefits?

  • Accuracy- Though most times a scan is only a few seconds, it is much more accurate than just measuring a foot. It gains insight into how far a person’s foot curves inwards and how it can affect back problems and posture. It is much more in-depth than using a foot scale.
  • Fast- The speed 3D laser scanning uses is incredible. It is so quick, most times, it only takes a few seconds to get all the information, store it and send it for insoles. When first starting out, someone would have to take a mould of a foot. This left people not wanting to do it because it took forever, and sometimes they ended up not being comfortable.
  • Comfort- Not only do the insoles turn out more accurate with this technology, it is more comfortable for both parties. No one has to observe anyone’s feet super close, and no one must sit uncomfortably for very long. This process makes it easy for the ones getting measured and the ones taking the measurements.

There are so many incredible uses for this technology Fleet Feet has adopted 3D laser scanning because of these advantages. They will be successful, and when more businesses see what this technology can do, they will also adopt it. This will make 3D laser scanning a booming industry.

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