Practicing Surgery Using 3D Laser Scanning

Using custom scans, doctors can prepare in a new way

Technology has erupted in all areas of our lives. In many ways, it is improving how we live and perform everyday tasks. 3D laser scanning is one tool that is continuously improving our lives. It is becoming a teacher, a sharer, and providing us with an unlimited amount of knowledge that we did not have before.

Doctors have started adopting this equipment because of all of the incredible benefits they receive from 3D laser scanning. It is now being used to help train on surgeries. More specifically, it is becoming a way to train and plan for endoscopic pituitary surgery.

Hospitals can scan patients with their consent, create 3D models of their faces, and allow the doctors to come up with an accurate plan on how to go about the surgery. The pituitary gland plays a vital role in our bodies, and any operation needs to be pulled off perfectly to stay healthy. This surgery is typically done when there is a tumor or something attached and needs to be removed. The more practice a doctor has, the better the chance of a successful surgery.

Using 3D laser scanning to practice surgical procedures

Finding cadavers can be tricky, so not all surgeries get to practice like they should. 3D laser scanning allows surgeons to scan a patient and create a 3D model from a printer that is an exact replica. Instead of using a cadaver, they can use something as precise as an actual human. This will allow them to create as many models as needed until they perfect the surgery; in many ways, it is better than using a human cadaver.

How 3D laser scanning helps surgeries

This technology can be some of the most useful because it is exceptionally accurate. The models will be printed exactly as they are seen, and this gives the surgeon a way to become more advanced at the surgery before going to a patient.

3D laser scanning is also completely noninvasive; this means that a person’s mold doesn’t have to be taken. The patient doesn’t have to be uncomfortable while getting scanned. A laser is projected over the object or person, and all of the necessary information can be collected in a matter of minutes.

3D laser scanning technology is also incredibly versatile. It can also help make models to prepare for surgeries, but it can also be used to create protective equipment for the hospital. Due to the number of uses, a hospital can receive from this equipment, more places are adopting 3D laser scanning.

Final thoughts

There are many ways 3D laser scanning devices have changed our lives. This is a significant way; it can help prepare our doctors to be able to do better surgeries. This tool allows them to practice as much as they need and to feel comfortable with the equipment they’re working with.

Adopting this technology throughout the hospitals can help prepare the surgeons for better surgeries and help patients feel more confident in their doctors. This tool is budget-friendly, and the users truly get the most bang for their buck with this equipment. It can change surgery and make it safer than ever before.

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