FBI Adopts 3D Laser Scanning

3D technology captures greater details than a photograph

Many companies and institutes are adopting 3D laser scanning to help them with tedious work that may be unappealing for some. This tedious work often requires excellent attention to detail and is often time considered sensitive material. The FBI has started using this technology because it acts quickly, gathers all information, and can be saved for future cases.

Who is using 3D laser scanning

Max Aguilera-Hellweg is a medically trained physician who also is a photographer. He documents scientific procedures that are used throughout the FBI. Now photographers are adopting 3D laser scanning devices to gather information on a scene from multiple places. It takes a very intense workload and simplifies it for the photographer. There are many uses for this equipment, and we are genuinely using it for good.

Originally a photographer would have had to spend hours taking pictures of everything that was evidence to be used in court. With the help of 3D laser scanning, it can be done in minutes and go into greater detail than a photograph. The most significant benefit of 3D laser scanning is that the information can be digitized and turned into virtual reality.

This can allow the jury to go into a crime scene exactly as it was found and witness the atrocities. It may sound challenging to do, but it is a form of evidence that is hard to deny. This technique will not take the place of original ways of gathering evidence but will support all other forms of proof. The person responsible for the evil outcome will get put away.

3D laser scanning is perfect for crime scenes

There are many benefits to using this technology to document and store the information for cases. This technology is quickly advancing, and with each advancement, it becomes more accurate. 3D laser scanning is exceptionally accurate. As it takes rapid pictures, it picks up microscopic details that may go missed by a photographer. Or these tiny details may go unnoticed until a group goes through the photographs.

This technology is quicker than other methods of gathering precise information. After being able to document faster, a cleanup crew will be able to clean the place sooner. This can move the whole process along very quickly with very little wait time. The faster a scene is processed, the quicker the bad guys are caught and put away.

3D laser scanning is budget-friendly. Even the most advanced equipment can have an affordable price tag. This is one of the reasons the FBI has adopted it and why more local police departments have also started using this equipment.

Final thoughts

As we become more aware, and each generation focuses more on safety, 3D laser scanning will continue to grow. As it develops more, it will be able to help keep us safer. Many local police departments are using this to control traffic accidents and restructure places to keep citizens safe. 3D laser scanning is one of the most useful pieces of equipment we have ever seen.

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