Battery Inspections Uses 3D Laser Scanning

A faster, more efficient, and cost-saving method

Cars are complex machines, and being able to create a well-running car takes time and effort from others. People dedicate their whole lives to creating perfectly well-running vehicles for others to use. Some days testing small pieces of a car, like a battery tray that ensures the battery can withstand the thermal expansion. 3D laser scanning is now being used for this part of inspecting battery trays.

Bluewrist, a company from Canada, created an inspection machine for battery trays using 3D laser scanning. It is capable and faster than it would take the average person to thoroughly inspect a battery tray. This could save thousands of dollars in an industry as well as time from people.

3D laser scanning has changed our lives and continuously grows in many different fields because of all of its uses and benefits. There is no doubt that as this technology advances, we will be adopting it more throughout the world and throughout many different areas.

How batteries benefit from 3D laser scanning

An electric car has a few of the same pieces of a standard vehicle. It has a battery; if that batter fails, the car can shut off and stop running. It is crucial to create well-made batteries that can withstand all of the pressures from the other parts of the vehicle. Before the car goes on the market, and before the pieces get installed into a car, those pieces have to go through inspection. Companies have adopted 3D laser scanning to do this.

With the help of 3D laser scanning, the companies can scan more than 680 features in under a few minutes. This saves an insane amount of time when inspecting a battery tray. The system that does the inspecting mounts on two different pieces of the machine that look like robot arms. From there, they can scan each piece rapidly.

How does 3D laser scanning work

It is a handheld device or a device that can be attached to another piece of equipment that uses lasers to rapidly scan something. It uses the laser to project light over an object. This light measures how far it takes for the light to bounce back to the machine. As it does this, it collects pictures that can be used to study an object. All of this information combine can collect the most useful information.

How else is 3D laser scanning being used for automobiles

The coolest thing about 3D laser scanning is it is being adopted in all areas of creating automobiles. It is being used for design purposes and recreating older models. 3D laser scanning is being used to preserve digital copies of older cars. It is also being used to create pieces of cars that are typically hard to come by. It creates a way to produce expensive hard to find parts at a budget-friendly price.

Final thoughts

3D laser scanning has shaped our world and our production system. We can create safer pieces affordably. Many companies are seeing the uses of this technology and adopting it slowly. It is a piece of technology that is becoming widely accepted in many areas.

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