Hawaii Teacher Adopted 3D Laser Scanning Equipment

Getting a deeper look into historic homes on the island

Our world is drastically changing, and with it comes newer and more advanced technology that is changing the way we teach and learn. 3D laser scanning has found its way to be one of the most useful tools that we have ever created in the technological field. It is helping us advance in areas of safety and sustainability.

A teacher named Billie Napoleon from Mid-Pacific has taken up this technology to scan a historic building in Hawaii. They are working on scanning the Hawaiian Mission Houses located on the island. These are historic homes that need to be treated carefully and with respect.

Using 3D laser scanning equipment is one of the best ways to get accurate details of each home without physically hurting it. This is some of the gentlest equipment you can use when gathering information on a place. It can also be shared amongst many different people, anyone who has a hunger for knowledge.

This teacher will use the scans to teach his students

The 3D laser scanning program at Mid-Pacific is one of a kind, no other school has a program like this. It is meant for kindergarteners all the way up to 12th grade. They can use this equipment to make beautiful creations. The students can use 3D laser scanning to create digital content in science, art, and humanities. It allows them to dive deeper into their areas of study than ever before.

The teacher who uses 3D laser scanning to scan the Mission Houses in Hawaii uses it to teach his class the infrastructure and history of these houses. Not only will his class be able to see the scans of each house. The scans will be given to the historic home’s website for future online tours.

The benefits of using 3D laser scanning

3D laser scanning was not always so widely accepted or popular, especially when it came to preserving homes. However, in the last few years, it has become more widely adopted due to the fantastic benefits 3D laser scanning provides.

  • Non-Invasive- In no way will a 3D laser scanning device harm the object at hand. This can be an excellent tool for taking measurements and gathering information on a historic site because there is no physical touch required to collect all of the data. All that is needed is to hold a scanner and walk around a room slowly.
  • Budget-Friendly- Compared to other advanced technologies, this one is much more budget-friendly than others. It allows more people to have access to this unique equipment and one of the reasons it is becoming more accepted.
  • Accurate- This equipment is highly accurate and can pick up microscopic details. This makes it an excellent tool for preserving buildings and anything science-related.
  • Saves Information- Anything that is capture through this information is saved in the cloud and can never be erased. It is the perfect place to share information and send it to others.
  • Models- Any user can create digital models with this equipment. Or they can use the scans to 3D print physical models.

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