COVID-19 Hits Nebraska but With No Shortage of Supplies

Long-Term, established relationships are credited for the success

COVID-19 has shut down many states and, for many, has meant a shortage of supplies. A few states needed help with face masks, air purifiers, and more medical equipment. Finding ways to help our hospitals and doctors has been a full-time job. Thanks to many companies, hospitals started getting the supplies they needed to do their jobs and save lives.

In Nebraska, long before COVID-19 hit, the community had worked together and forged long-term relationships. This got them through the first wave and ensured they always had the correct amount of supplies in their local hospital. Creighton University and CHI Health helped create face masks for a project created by South Omaha businesses.

A group of researchers and team members used 3D laser scanning to help make and produce face masks for all patients and employees. Thanks to these businesses partnering together, more doctors, nurses, and patients were able to stay safe and help prevent the spread of this nasty virus.

How 3D laser scanning works and why it’s important

3D laser scanning devices work by taking rapid pictures of a person or an object that collects information on it. Most 3D laser scanners use LIDAR, which is a light that shines over an object, this light, measure the distance the light travels.

It is some of the fastest working technology and also some of the most precise. This makes it a useful tool to gather information and use it in case of emergencies. Using 3D laser scanning devices also allows the user to save all data and then 3D print the information.

So why is this important? Not only is it quick, but it also takes the human touch out of the entire process. One person can stand a few feet away, a safe distance, and scan someone. Then without touching anything else, the information can be printed from a machine rather than another person. This can help prevent the spread of germs. Using 3D laser scanning equipment has helped prevent spreading more germs. In this case, it has been essential to helping lower the cases of COVID-19.

3D laser scanning has been one of the most practical ways to gather data and use the information to protect citizens. It has also been used in many other ways while we have been under quarantine. This technology is proving to be very useful.

Has anyone else made facemasks

Many non-essential businesses were forced to close down. However, many tech companies have been staying open and changing their production line to produce face masks. Anyone with 3D laser scanning devices and printers has been asked to help the production of face shields and masks to protect our country and citizens. Nebraska’s companies have not been the only ones to produce face masks for their communities.

Final thoughts

As we continue to open across the country, facemasks are still needed. Many places are requesting their communities to wear facemasks while in public to keep the spread of the virus down. We are all still in need of shields and ways to protect ourselves. Many states are struggling with the amount they need, which could cause a second wave very soon.

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