Will iPhones Be Able to Scan Our Surroundings?

Getting advanced tech in a budget-friendly way

A new version of the iPad came out recently, and with all of the updated technology, Apple has created some neat toys for our tech lovers. We are now wondering if this advancement in the iPad that uses LIDAR technology is just the first step in creating accessible 3D laser scanning devices.

This latest iPad can scan the surrounding areas and capture information of a room or scene in under a few minutes, and give you a virtual representation on the tablet. This can be good for students, designers, and architects. 3D laser scanning is some of the coolest technology on the market, and making it part of every iPhone and iPad could be a huge step in our world.

3D laser scanning allows us to share our personal world with others who would not typically be able to come over every day. Imagine having another quarantine but one where you could still virtually shop, virtually take tours of historic sites across the world. Could this iPad that uses LIDAR technology give us that future possibility?

What is LIDAR

This is a piece of equipment that uses light from lasers, and it’s used to detect digital points. Many 3D laser scanning devices use LIDAR because it helps measure out an object accurately. It does this by measuring how long the light takes to bounce to an object and back to the device.

It creates one accurate machine, and now Apple has figured out how to use this technology in their products. This could be a way to give us all some of the most advanced technology in a budget-friendly way.

How does 3D laser scanning work?

It comes as a handheld device that captures pictures and digital points all over an object or scene. The information that is collected is sent to a digital data center where it can never be erased or disposed of. Once the files are saved, they can be sent and shared with almost anyone.

With the information, you can create virtual reality, 3D print, or create other digital copies. There are so many uses for 3D laser scanners. It is a truly incredible invention.

It is no longer for tech geeks, but for anyone with the need to gather information on a scene or object. People in the art world are adopting this technology, videogame designers, architects, home designers, and even students. Creating a phone that allows everyone to use 3D laser scanning can be one of the best ways to completely update the world we live in. Once everyone realizes the amazing uses, we will be a productive society thanks to 3D laser scanning.

Final thoughts

This could be the first step in creating phones that can also be used as 3D laser scanning devices. Apple has many partners that can help make this happen. They are continuously updating their phones and technology. There is no doubt Apple has been one of the top competitors in the market; they stay on top of some of the biggest trends and learn to incorporate them into their existing devices.

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