Reduce Your Teeth Brushing Time With 3D Scanning

Gotta brush them teeth

Everyday there are things that we have to do that we wish we didn’t. Take out the garbage, mow the grass, wash the clothes, put gas in the car, etc. In the past people had to build fires to cook breakfast, but today we stand impatiently in front of microwaves.  It doesn’t matter how technologically advanced our society gets, we always wish that things could be done faster. One of those burdensome annoyances that seems to drag us down and steal minutes from our lives is the tedious task of teeth brushing. Never fear, though, because 3D scanning services are here to address that issue. 3D scanning services can reduce your teeth brushing time down to a matter of seconds…maybe.

Is there a faster way?

We have all watched the scene of a man or woman staring blankly in the mirror as he or she goes through the monotonous brushing motions. Back and forth, up and down, get the molars and get the fronts. After that do a spit and a gargle. That is the scene we see every day in the mirror, and the actor is you. But now there is a company that is going to do a retake on that nightly scene. The product name is Blizzadent, and the company that makes it claims that it can brush your teeth in just seconds. It is claimed that all you have to do is place the device in your mouth and chomp and grind, and in less than ten seconds your teeth and gums will be squeaky clean. This means that precious time can be save before crashing down on your fluffy feather bed with it’s memory foam pillow. You could set the alarm clock, but that might be a little too troublesome.

This might be the 3D scanning solution

By now you are probably wondering how one of these time saving toothbrushes work.  Well, it is quite simple. All it does is take the conventional brushing technique and hand it over to 3D scanning services. The first step is finding the shape of the mouth. The person who wants one of these brushes needs to get a mold of the inside of his mouth. This can be done by a dentist. Once that is done, the mold is sent to the company to who makes the Blizzadent.  Using that mold, the company can use 3D scanning services to scan it and make the brushing device that is custom-fit just for the customer’s mouth. The claim is that all that you have to do is place a bit of toothpaste in your mouth, insert the custom-made tooth brush, and then chomp away for a few seconds. After that, you simply need to do is rinse it off, spit and gargle, and you are ready for bed!

Time will tell if Blizzadent using 3D scanning services has what it takes to drive the traditional toothbrush out of business. If it does, it will be interesting to see what replaces it when we get too lazy to even stick this device in our mouths. As for me, I am happy with my buzzing Sonicare. I have to admit though, it does take a few extra minutes of my day.

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