Personalizing Your Car With 3D Scanning

A Personal touch with 3D scanning

Have you seen any good bumper stickers lately? How about “Watch out for the idiot behind me!” Or maybe “If you can read this, I’m not impressed. Most people can read.” Personalizing cars is not a new thing. People have always been adding a personal touch to their cars ever since the invention of the bumper sticker.  Some people just want you to know they are NOT! ABSOLUTELY NOT! voting for. Other people just want to make you smile. A few people are still looking for Wall Drug. Some modify their sound systems so you can enjoy their music too as they drive by your house. Then there are those that don’t care as much about look and as they do performance. These people think about the tires, shocks, and gears so that they can feel the speed and size-up to other cars. Some people just like to add gadgets to the interior of their cars to give it their own feel. Whatever way you want to take your style, you can do it. 3D scanning services can help with that by allowing you to make you own 3D printed accessories.

THis is MY RIdE

Nothing says “Dis be my ride, bro” more than a personalized gear shifter knob. The shifter knob is the coolest thing about the car next to the engine. It lets you feel the power when you shift into high gear and blow by grandma on her way to the store.  Why not make that feel even more fit to your taste by creating a custom knob. 3D scanning services can do that easily. All you need to do is find the look and feel you want. It could be something that you design yourself, shaped in a way that gives you a comfortable grip. You could even do something that matches your other hobbies, like football, a gold club, and even a bear claw. It’s really all about imagination and what you like. Some people might even want to get crazy and have their own head scanned and scaled down for print. If you are a stud muffin, then double that swag with copy of yourself.

There is much more

Using 3D scanning services to make accessories for your car is not only limited to gear shifters.  There are a lot of other things that you could do. Some people like to put ornaments on the dashboard of their cars. Maybe you haven’t been able to find one that you like. Why not do your own. Take that 3D scan of yourself that you did for the shifter, and make a bobble-head of yourself. As you cruise down the road you can bob un unison to the music. How about making a personalized gas pedal? Have your foot scanned using 3D scanning services and then have it printed out.

Really, there is a lot of personalization waiting to be done with 3D scanning services. The only thing that I would not suggest, though, is customizing the outside of the car.  If you make a snazzy 3D printed hood ornaments most likely someone is going to snap it off and keep it for himself. What are you waiting for? Get that scanner out and start personalizing your ride.  If you are too lazy to do all that, then just leave it in that crappy condition and slap an “I was an honor student. What happened?” sticker on the back.

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