3D Laser Scanning Optimized Packaging Solution

trim the waste

If you spend enough time with Chinese people at the dinner table, you will eventually hear the expression “Waste is a crime.” Everybody agrees that wasting resources is bad. That is not just true at the dinner table. We shouldn’t waste time, money, opportunity, talents, and whatever else is of value. In the business world, reducing waste is not just commendable but it is a necessity. Optimization is the key to smart business. There is no room for slacking off with all that competition. If you waste resources, If you don’t refine your processes and get rid of unnecessaries, then the other guys will eat your lunch and leftovers and have your cake and eat it, too. This is why people in business need to look for ways to cut costs. They need to cut unnecessary material. One way they they are doing it is by using 3D laser scanning services.  

3D Laser Scanning can Work off the Waste

A lot of manufacturers waste money simply on packaging. They use more than is necessary. What they need is a solution to reduce that packaging down to a bare minimum. 3D laser scanning services has a solution that is going to do it. One company that has caught on to this and is now providing high quality packaging solution that reduce packaging down to the size of the object is Backmann Forming AG. Bachmann Forming has taking 3D laser scanning to the workbench and is using it to produce perfectly fitted packaging. The concept is not so complicated. They use 3D laser scanning to collect the exact dimension of an object. The resulting digital model of the product is then used to make a perfect mold which can then be mass produced. That sounds like a smart way to do it.  

Who's it good for?

So what kind of business would be able to use perfectly fitted packaging. Most products could not be packaged that way. If the packaging was so close to the product, then the product would get damaged. For example, a vase or something breakable like that would need a buffer zone to absorb any shocks to the box. Some products though could use it. For example, there is a chocolate maker that makes chocolate bunnies for the Easter season. This is a product that could really use optimized packaging with 3D laser scanning services. Bachmann’s services could give them a chocolate bunny mold that fit the exact shape of the bunny. All that they need to do is to make a perfect scan of the piece of chocolate. With that scan they have perfect measurements to reduce packaging size down to only what is needed to cover the bunny. In the past, trying to optimize packaging with hand-crafted molds was tedious process that required hour of time. With 3D laser scanning services, that problem is solved.

So if you are looking for ways to optimize you use of packaging material, I suggest that the first stop on your journey be 3D laser scanning services. See if they might be able to whittle down your production cost by providing you a fit to shape packaging solution that can save you money. 

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