Reducing Returns In Retail

Virtually try on clothes before buying

Zalando is an online retail company that has partnered with a tech company that creates 3D laser scanning for consumers. This online retail company has adopted the software and integrated it with its apps and online program. All a consumer needs is a tablet or phone that uses sensors to do a full-body scan.

3D laser scanning is changing the way online retail is done and helps the return rates become much lower than ever before. This software allows consumers to create a full-body profile; it helps scan their body, collecting things like height, weight, size, bust, and any curves someone may have. This allows them to have precise measurements that then help them pick out perfectly fitting clothes.

Zalando was founded in 2008 based in Berlin. Since their beginning, they have acquired 34 million users who take advantage of this unique retail site. This allows people to understand the garments they are buying and know precisely how the fit will be. As soon as more online retailers see the benefits of using this technology, they will add it to their online platforms.

Why 3D laser scanning is good for online stores

The best part of 3D laser scanning is that it is now embedded in many phones and tablets. Each piece of technology we already have as consumers has sensors that can help take accurate scans.

It allows people to see their exact size and limit all returns because they know it will fit as it should. It limits the amount of guessing when shopping online. 3D laser scanning is easily accessible now, and many companies can simply add in this program.

How does 3D laser scanning work

Though this online retailer uses consumers’ phones and tablets, this technology can come in different forms. The most typical way we see 3D laser scanning is by a handheld device though they can come big or small.

All someone has to do is hold it and walk around an object to gather the information. 3D laser scanning gathers the information by taking rapid pictures of an object. Sometimes it can capture thousands per second. At the same time, it uses lasers that are a form of light measured by the distance they travel.

Once all of the information is collected, it is sent to the cloud, which, once it is there it can never be erased. Whoever does this scan will be able to analyze the data in the CAD program. From there, it can be printed, turned into virtual reality, or kept as an Efile.

Final thoughts

Online retail has been growing since COVID-19 swept throughout our world. However, many of the online companies are dealing with a massive amount of returns. Many online retailers adapt and adopt 3D laser scanning to stay relevant and lessen the number of returns they would typically have. It is a way to keep the customer coming back, profit, and make consumers happier than ever before. Many retailers will start using 3D laser scanning.

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