Retail Stores Adopting 3D Laser Scanning

Using the technology to prevent shoplifting

Creating a safe retail space that caters to all customers has never been more challenging. Teams have to work around the store’s physical features like walls, pipes, doors, and anything else that may be in the store. On top of that, the merchandise layout has to be eye catching, and one piece of technology can help all of this at once. This is why retailers have adopted 3D laser scanning.

This technology can help design new spaces and allow each store to have its own unique identity. It can stop shoplifters, it can open lines of communication to each team member. Creating a visually striking space has never been easier. Many retail spaces worldwide, including the UK, have decided to start using 3D laser scanning to create stunning stores.

Every step in creating a retail space can be sped up through 3D laser scanning. One person on the team can capture precise information. It can see the ins and outs of an entire space. They can use the scans for the planning and create models of a store through a CAD program. This computer-aided design program can help design the entire layout and determine what step needs to be done first.

What is 3D laser scanning

Though this technology seems rather complex, it is a very straightforward tool that allows precise information to be collected and saved in the cloud server. It is usually a small device that takes rapid pictures of an object or scene. It is small enough that most people can hold and maneuver the device.

As it is taking pictures, laser beams are also being projected out of the tool. Each beam is being measured by the distance it travels to and from the object. It collects every piece of data that you could imagine.

3D laser scanning captures data like textures, colors, sizes, widths, and heights. It is so precise it can capture details on objects that are different shades of black or white, hard to capture colors, and still be incredibly accurate in scans. Due to these reasons, it has become one of the best tools for designing spaces.

It allows interior designers, architects, and construction teams access to all of the information in one space and gives them the unlimited potential to be completely unique. 3D laser scanning allows an insane amount of creativity to be used when designing spaces.

Other benefits of 3D laser scanning

It can be set up inside the store to gather information and stop shoplifters. All of the information it collects can be used years in the future. It creates the perfect way to access and collect information on space over multiple years.

Final thoughts

3D laser scanning is one of the most exciting topics because it has changed so much over the last decade. More consumers and businesses are adopting this technology, and the outcomes have been incredible. Everyone is excited to see how adding this technology in retail will shape the way we design spaces and how consumers shop in those spaces.

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