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Many airports are now adopting the use of 3d laser scanning

Houghton International Airport has adopted the use of 3D laser scanning devices to help revamp their old equipment. This latest technology has been known to help analyze a structure rapidly and improve and figure out the exact steps to replace a piece of equipment without too many labor costs, and without wasting a lot of time. 3D laser scanning is now some of the most accurate tools you can buy on the market. It can view things down to the micron, making it one of the best tools to go in-depth to gather the most precise and tiny details of an object.

3D laser scanning allows Houghton International Airport to capture 3D images of massive structures inside and outside the airport. All this information can be collected into 3D files and be used to evaluate what needs to be worked on first before anything else. Many airports are now adopting this latest technology because of all the benefits it provides.

The benefits of 3D laser scanning

This tool is unique, and it would take a large team to do what this tiny handheld device does. It would take many people, many pairs of eyes, reverse engineers, and more to pull off what one piece of technology can do. So, what can it do?

  • Collects details- It gathers all sorts of information. It doesn’t matter if it is pipes, flooring, or planes, this can capture everything about it. 3D laser scanning collects things like shape, size, angles, dimensions, and anything in between. If there are small cracks that may add up over time, this machine will pick it up.
  • E-files- Once the information is collected, it is saved in the cloud server for eternity. It can then be sent to a CAD or computer-aided design software to be edited and tested. This allows engineers to find out how it works by dissecting the image and then putting it back together.
  • Noninvasive- The engineers can take everything apart without taking anything apart. This allows for things to remain unharmed and unhandled until a plan in place will work.
  • Quick- This is some of the fastest working equipment you will ever find. It works by taking fast pictures, and then that information is yours as soon as you’re done scanning the object. It would typically take an engineer hour to observe an object, create a model, take it apart, and put it back together. 3D laser scanning allows for some of that work to be cut in half.

There are many benefits of using 3D laser scanning, so Houghton International Airport has decided to adopt the technology. It is an airport’s job to remain safe and as up to date as possible. Using the latest tools to update their entire facility is just one thing that can do.

Final thoughts

3D laser scanning is not just for large airports but has also entered so many fields because of the massive benefits. Students worldwide are using this for a study tool from phone apps! Police are using this to investigate crime scenes and accidents. Doctors have now adopted this for full-body scans that do not make us uncomfortable! Some so many people use this, it is changing our lives rapidly.

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