Thor3D Creates A New Mini Scanner

The small hand-held device captures even the smallest detail

Based in Moscow, Russia, and Germany, a company called Thor3D has created a new 3D laser scanning device that allows other researchers to scan small objects in detail. Thor3D has around 50 engineers and mathematicians on their team, all working together to create the latest trends in the 3D world. Their new product is called the Calibry Mini. It is a small hand-held laser that can pick up extraordinary details in smaller objects.

This new sleek design is easy to hold and meant to scan things from 2-30cm in length, digitalizing them. This could be used to capture things with tiny and precise details that need to be recorded, such as fingerprints at a crime scene, or for the doctors. The entire team had to run the scanner through multiple tests to make sure it was highly accurate and pick up the smallest detail.

“By adding the Mini to the original Calibry in our product portfolio, we created a complete 3D-scanning toolbox. Doctors will now have all the tools they might need to digitize any part of the human body (from a finger to a full-body scan). Museums will now be able to capture entire collections (from jewelry to full-sized vintage carriage).” CEO of Thor3D.

What can the Calibry Mini do

The best thing about this new 3D laser scanning device is that it can do precisely what the others do; only it is easily portable. It is smaller, meaning more people can use this device. This brand is known for creating 3D laser scanning tools that can pick up sharp corners, smooth surfaces, shiny surfaces, etc. Their new product takes all those fantastic features and squishes it down into a smaller size scanner.

Once the scanner is purchased, the user will also have access to the editing system and software that comes with the package. This program can be installed on almost every computer in any part of the world. This makes it highly versatile. All of the information taken from the 3D laser scanning tool can be saved on the computer and edited.

Though this item is not being shipped until September, you can start pre-ordering it now. Many different people will be able to use this tool. It is easy to use, lightweight, simple, but collects highly detailed information. So many people could benefit from Thor3D’s new device.

Who should use this tool

The best thing about 3D laser scanning is that it is meant for so many people. If you can afford a tool that allows you to understand the world around you and uniquely communicate information. Having a scanning device is recommended for a lot of different people.

  • Students- This is great, especially if you are going to school for art history, or work with many museums. This can help you study artifacts and even teach you how to create your own virtual exhibit.
  • Doctors- Thor3D now offers a wide range of tools for doctors to create full-body scans. Now they can add this mini 3D laser scanning device to the mix.
  • Police- This is an easy to use tool that can help collect evidence at any crime scene with lots of fingerprints.

Many more people can use this tool. It has a variety of benefits like all 3D laser scanning devices do. It has shaped the way we view the world and a new level of communication.

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