Revealing Forts in The Earth With LIDAR

Attempting to uncover history from the iron age

In the world of technology, 3D laser scanning has been a hot topic because it has been gaining adoption more and more all over the globe. It has been used for many different things and been used by people to make significant findings. There are so many uses for 3D laser scanning it is emerging in many different professional settings.

It is not only being used in workplaces around the world, but it is being used as a hobby while we are all on lockdown. COVID-19 has swept across the globe and has many countries in lockdown, including England. However, citizens are still allowed to go outside, and that is precisely what Darren Murray did. He used LIDAR technology and has scanned places, working very hard to find two hillforts that no one else has discovered.

Though this investigation needs more work, Darren Murray believes the two forts were built by the Dumnonii tribe that ruled the surrounding area from the Iron Age up until the Saxon period. More research will be done to investigate the potential findings.

What is LIDAR

LIDAR is one of the best forms of 3D laser scanning, but it also one of the most expensive versions of this technology. It uses lasers to measure the distance from the technology to the object by using sensors. It captures wavelengths, and on top of that, some of these 3D laser scanners capture images, sometimes thousands per second.

It captures things like size, dimensions, textures, and outlines. Anything you can think of this technology can obtain. Once it is collected, it is then transferred to a partnering system where it can be edited and filtered to see the images more clearly. After that, this data can be saved forever in the cloud, turned into virtual reality, or printed into a hard copy.

The importance of taking scans of our environment

Using 3D laser scanning devices to capture the image of the Earth is a way of protecting it in digital form. This technology also allows us to see below the surface easier than digging up sites after sites. It gives you a clear image where you can start to look rather than going in blindly.

There are so many uses for this technology; it is a way to create a virtual world that mimics the one we live in. This will help our kids in the future generations learn what discoveries were made, and be able to see what the Earth looked like now.

Final thoughts

3D laser scanning is some of the most advanced technology we have, even the basic or straightforward versions are rather surprising. LIDAR is one of the best forms of 3D laser scanning, if one can afford it, this technology could help discover new finds that we never knew existed.

As this technology advances, more uses will come out, and more people will adopt it. Right now, it is one of the best tools to use in a professional setting because there are very many different uses for it. However, this is also a great tool to use for hobbies that also may lead to some wonderful discoveries.

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