Dubai Landmarks are Being Captured by 3D Laser Scanning

Using technology to improve their city

There are many uses for 3D laser scanning; some of them may be surprising. Professionals have been adopting this technology for many different things and have helped many areas grow in various ways. It has become one of the hottest topics because this technology is budget-friendly and has superb benefits that no other tool on the market has.

Though this technology has not always started out being this wonderful, it has developed into something amazing. It is being used to captured significant landmarks around the world that can be used for GPS and other systems alike. Dubai has adopted this technology in many ways, and now it is being used to collect the images and data of the surrounding landmarks that Dubai is known for.

Researchers collecting the information have been using 3D laser scanning devices that collect panoramic views of the landmarks and surrounding area. They did this in hopes of gathering enough information to help infrastructure enhancement throughout the city. They are one of the first cities to do this, and as the researchers use this to improve their city, more places will adopt this technology.

What is 3D photography

In this case, but not in every case, researchers will use 3D laser scanning devices to capture thousands of images at once, collecting accurate information on a site or an object. However, if you are do not have 3D laser scanning devices, you can still take a 3D photograph. How? You can choose multiple pictures of an object and overlap them through an editing screen. 3D laser scanning makes this process much easier and faster, but not everyone has access to that technology.

What is 3D laser scanning

3D laser scanning was created in the 1960s to collect information on a physical object and turn it into a digital file on the computer. Since it was new and had a lot of kinks to be worked out, it was a slow adoption. In the 1990s, it began to grow for more uses. Eventually, researchers were able to take the file from the computer and print the images into a physical object.

3D laser scanning devices capture information of an object at a rapid pace. Storing every single piece of information in a 3D file that can be saved forever and sent across the world. It uses lasers that collect digital points, that can capture sizes and dimensions by measuring how long the lights from the lasers take to get back to the device.

Final thoughts

This technology is now used for a variety of things. Students have been able to use this device as a study aid, researchers use it to collect information and share it across the world, people have started using this to make prosthetics, and police officers are using it to make the streets safe. There are so many wonderful uses that allow us to upgrade our standard of living. Dubai is one of the first to use this on a city-wide scale, and hopefully, more places will follow suit.

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