Reverse Engineering Made Easier

Aiding in greater advancements in the automotive world

Reverse engineering is the act of taking something apart to figure out how it works and then putting it back together. Typically, someone would have to go to school for a very long time to work on a very specialized piece of equipment. It was a long and tedious work that only a few people would find enjoyable. This happens to be a huge part in constructing cars and creating faster vehicles for us to use. Now people are using 3D laser scanning to help with this part of the automotive world.

Engineers are now using 3D laser scanning to reverse engineer hot stampings. They are using this to find what is missing and update it. In return, this creates lighter and faster vehicles for racing. What is hot stamping? This is the process of taking a thin piece of metal and creating high strength steel through heat using a press and die set. It allows for complex geometrics when it is done molting hot.

What is the problem with this way of creating vehicles this way? The problem is that they must rely on early drawings that may not be accurate anymore, and that is where 3D laser scanning comes in. They no longer have to rely on early drawings but can use a scanning device to get accurate measurements and an up to date model.

Benefits of using 3D laser scanning

The older way to do this meant there were no records of the changes being made in each step. With 3D laser scanning, everything scanned is saved and recorded. This allows others to see exactly what is being done, why, and how it has changed the outcome. They can keep going back to these records as a reference. It allows for fewer mistakes and errors to be made with an open way to communicate through all the process areas.

It is non-invasive, meaning it won’t cause damage to the cars to do this. It is not an extra step because it allows you to gather information, record it, share it with the team, and even create a model when the process is finished. It is an all in one tool that cuts production time in half. 3D laser scanning devices are incredibly budget-friendly and one of the best tools to add in a production line.

This can be one of the best tools simplifying life for car creators and engineers. The process is cut in half, and everything is recorded, unlike previous ways. They can see clearly what works best and what does not make their hot stamping process easier and quicker.

Final thoughts

3D laser scanning has improved our manufacturing system and created a budget-friendly way to produce quality work. Nothing about this process is compromised; in fact, it is more efficient than ever before. This technology is emerging in many different fields, and we are adopting it worldwide. It is one of the hottest table topics because it is allowing us to upgrade our lives. Our cars are becoming safer, our communication is stronger, and our process records are becoming more detailed.

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