3D Laser Scanning Adds in Comparison Tool

Finding the right piece of equipment for the job

3D laser scanning is a massive growing industry, and now researchers are creating ways to compare each scanning device. This will help companies worldwide choose the right piece of equipment for the job they need to be done. This can give you a greater insight to a machines capability and this program should not go overlooked.

“With the COVID situation, physical trade shows are declining sharply while the product discovery and comparison steps are moving online. This new release strengthens Aniwaa’s position as the go-to 3D scanner evaluation platform, helping not only buyers but also suppliers– from manufacturers aiming to build their brands to resellers looking for qualified leads. We’re all excited by what’s ahead and look forward to supporting the growth of our industry and helping 3D scanning companies thrive.” Says Aniwaa’s cofounder. 

This allows people from all over the world to see what a 3D laser scanning device can offer you and how it could benefit your life. Here are some examples of a 3D laser scanning device you can start to look at each good for specific industries.

What types of scanners are there

SPOT- Boston Dynamics has created a 3D laser scanning device that attaches to a robotic-like dog. We like to call this the dog bot. It is perfect for construction workers who need to go into hazardous zones, or for manufacturers upgrading their facility.

ZEB Horizon- Created by Geoslam, this is one of the best scanners you can find if you want to understand what is going on around you. It collects data points quickly in a handheld device and can scan substantial objects around you.

Scanatic- Created byTG3D Has created a full-body 3D laser scanning device that changes the way we view fashion. They are focused on creating perfectly fitted clothes that will lower a brand return rate. This package comes with a full-body scanner, a fabric scanner, and design software.

Artec Space Spider- Created by Artec3D, this perfect machine picks up small objects and analyzes them rapidly. It is an ideal solution for manufacturing companies.

Vorum- Has created a unique 3D laser scanning device called Yeti 3D scanner, and it is aimed to scan someone’s feet. This allows a brand or a doctor to create specially made footwear that is beyond useful.

Each of these brands has adopted 3D laser scanning devices or are creating them for others to use. It is a highly competitive market, each trying to win consumers over. There is so much misleading information out there, Aniwaa’s is looking to help buyers compare each type of scanning device.

Final thoughts

Having information in one place to compare brands, devices, and benefits are crucial. Today we love having knowledge at our fingertips, and this new program aims to give us just that. We want information now; we want the device set up and installed in a few minutes. Though the new program can’t do all of that, it can give us access to information rapidly.

We can now compare all or most 3D laser scanning devices easily and efficiently and know where to get it. Knowing the cost, the benefits, what it is used for, or what makes it different than another piece of equipment is crucial for some industries. We can see everything clearly with this new program.

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