a variety of output formats can be obtained from 3d laser scanning

When you have something scanned, there are many possible output types to choose from. If you aren’t sure exactly what you need, we can help get you pointed in the right direction. Among some of the results that are obtainable through 3D scanning are:

industrial plant applications

point clouds capture piping

Virtual reality environments

create as-build cad models of your industrial facility

You can utilize our scanning services to obtain highly accurate locations of your process. It can be captured in full color and optimized for import into popular CAD software such as CADWorx, Plant3D, Revit and more. Many formats are available including Autodesk ReCap (RCP and RCS), PTS, PTX, E57, XYZ, POD and more.

industrial plant VR

Use of the Unreal Engine allows for creation of highly immersive virtual reality environments with an unparalleled level of realism at low cost. You can utilize these simulations for a variety of purposes including training, security studies, marketing and many others. 

 If your as-built drawings are out of date or non-existent, 3D scanning can be used to to update them or re-create them completely. CAD models created from 3D scans can be provided in a variety of formats. You choose the items you want to see in the CAD model, and to what level of detail. CAD modeling can be done of the entire plant or just a small area based on project needs.

raw scans & point clouds

utilize Raw Scans directly

accurate as-built record of structural steel

capture and document buildings of all shapes and sizes

Point clouds can serve as an as-built reference that you can bring into your CAD software and design around. The scan point cloud serves as a source of truth and helps avoid conflicts in engineering that may occur down the road. In addition to measurement information, it also serves as a record of what was there after demolition. 

Building structure can be scanned and reverse-engineered into an Autodesk Revit model so that you can use it as a basis for engineering and construction projects. Large multifloor buildings can be captured in a short period of time, often 2-3 days. The process is fully portable and can be done even if there is no power onsite. 3D laser scanning is a flexible and un-intrusive process and can be completed around and among other construction activities going on onsite. 

A multi-million dollar construction perched on a hill is not an easy thing to measure. But thanks to 3D laser scanning, we can capture structures of nearly any shape. The long reach of a 3D scanner makes it capable of scanning from afar so that hard-to-access areas are within reach. 

2D and 3D CAD

p&ID drawings for piping

Revit Coordination model

floorplans & elevations

Piping and Instrumentation Drawings (P&IDs) can be created as a result of doing a 3D laser scan. Arrival 3D can combine customer-provided information with point cloud data to construct P&ID drawings where none existed before. We can utilize CADWorx to create smart P&ID’s that are linked to the 3D as-built model for a comprehensive engineering solution.

Prior to renovating a building, you can thoroughly capture existing conditions using our 3D laser scanning services. From the scan data we can create an Autodesk Revit model that can be used for construction planning. During the design phase, the scan can be used for clash detection between the design and existing structures. Similarly, for newly constructed buildings, the Revit model created from scanning can be utilized as an as-built and provided to the owner.

scan to dwg

Floorplans and elevation dtawings can be generated from 3D scan data. Our customers have used scanning to quickly create floorplans for space planning or obtaining building permits. What would otherwise be a very time consuming and difficult task because an easy matter when you outsource it to us. We provide the generic line drawings after which you can finish it according to your drafting style.

inspecton reports

Inspect wind turbine towers

analyze floors for flatness

Analyze tank and vessel shape

Wind turbine towers sometimes get damaged due to a storm, fire or other type of failure. Using 3D laser scanning, we can measure the tower safely from the ground and answer many questions including: 

  • Are there any dents? If so, where are they and how deep are they? 
  • Is the tower bending or leaning? 
color map

while floors often appear flat to the naked eye, the 3D laser scan tells a different story. Frequently, floors are designed to have some slope for drainage purposes. Our customers have contacted us to scan a newly poured concrete floor to inspect whether it was installed to the specified flatness. Other times, floors that are being re-purposed need to be inspected to see what their shape is.  

spherical color map

A tank or vessel may deviation from its ideal shape, whether it be cylindrical or spherical. Tank and vessel inspections utilize 3D laser scanners to capture highly precise point clouds that can then be compared to the ideally designed shape. 

images, animation & video

360 degree panoramas

orthographic images

section view images

In addition to capturing point clouds, our scanners utilize on-board color cameras to capture 360 degree panoramic images. You can view these images using free software, including Autodesk Recap or Leica Jetstream. The panoramic images are great for when you want high resolution imagery from every scan location. 

3d scan facade

Orthographic images, or ortho-images for short, are views of a 3D scan that have been properly scaled in CAD so that they are dimensionally accurate. They can serve as background templates for drawing over to create 2D CAD drawings. A slice of the scan point cloud can be taken from any perspective and turned into an ortho-image.

scanning a house

Cutaway views of scans can make interesting visuals for situations where you need to depict something in a unique way. 

For a quote on any of these 3D scanning output types, call us at 866-687-7784, email us at sales@arrival3d.com, or fill out the following form to get started.

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