a variety of output formats can be obtained from 3d scanning

When you have something scanned, there are many possible output types to choose from. If you aren’t sure exactly what you need, we can help get you pointed in the right direction. Among some of the results that are obtainable through 3D scanning are:

get raw scans & drawings

utilize Raw Scans directly

create Dimensioned drawings

create Floorplan & Elevation drawings

We work with many companies who can do their own modeling and inspection, and just need a good 3D scan. Raw scans can be uncleaned or cleaned, meaning that we spend time fixing errors and filling holes for a better quality file. 3D scan files can be in point cloud or STL formats including:

  • STL
  • OBJ
  • XYZ
  • PTS

Various types of 2D prints can be proovided, including:

  • Section drawings
  • Elevtion drawings
  • Floorplans

    We also provide simple line drawings in DXF/DWG format for programming machines like waterjet cutter and laser cutters. For patent applications, we can provide hidden line

scan to dwg

Floorplans and elevation dtawings can be generated from 3D scan data. Our customers have used scanning to quickly create floorplans for space planning or obtaining building permits. What would otherwise be a very time consuming and difficult task because an easy matter when you outsource it to us. We provide the generic line drawings after which you can finish it according to your drafting style.

create cad models

work with point clouds in your cad program

create bim & architectural cad models for construction engineering

create as-build cad models of your industrial facility

You can utilize our scanning services to obtain just the raw point clouds. There are a variety of options to choose from when obtaining raw point clouds from us:

  • Full color or intensity only
  • Registered or not
  • Aligned to a particular coordinate system
  • Unified or not
  • Formats available include Autodesk ReCap (RCP and RCS), PTS, PTX, E57, XYZ, POD and more.

Prior to renovating a building, you can thoroughly capture existing conditions using our 3D laser scanning services. From the scan data we can create an Autodesk Revit model that can be used for construction planning. During the design phase, the scan can be used for clash detection between the design and existing structures. Similarly, for newly constructed buildings, the Revit model created from scanning can be utilized as an as-built and provided to the owner.

When planning changes to your industrial facility, accurate as-built drawings enable engineers to plan changes with precision, ensuring that the modifications take place without any unexpected conflicts or clashes. If your as-built drawings are out of date or non-existent, 3D scanning can be used to to update them or re-create them completely. CAD models created from 3D scans can be provided in a variety of formats. You choose the items you want to see in the CAD model, and to what level of detail. CAD modeling can be done of the entire plant or just a small area based on project needs.


perform 3d Inspection

take Part measurements

create 3d databases and Virtual environments

Many types of inspection reports can be generated, including:

  • First Article Inspection (FAI) – Comparing a manufacured part with its design
  • CAD model deviation – comparing a CAD model to a 3D scan
  • Scan to CAD – comparing between the scan of two objects
  • GD&T – A thorough analyis of all dimensions of a part
3D printing houston

3D scanning can be a quick way to take measurements on parts that would be difficult or impossible to measure by hand using conventional methods. Once a part is scanned, 3D measurements can be taken on almost any feature.

A 3D scan of your facility can be converted into an interactive 3D asset management system for tracking facility information. It can also be used to generate realistic immersive virtual reality environments.

3d scan facade

3d model prep & print

Have 3d printer files prepared

create 3D CAD Models for part manufacturing

create 3D Printed parts

Do you have your own 3D printer or use another 3D print service and just need help creating a 3D-printable file? We can do this for you. There are a few different ways that 3D print files get created:

  • Perform a 3D scan of your part and creating a 3D print file based on the scan
  • Convert CAD files to STL, OBJ or VRML depending on printer type
  • Convert files from other sources such as Turbosquid and optimize them for 3D printing
  • Create the 3D printer file from your drawings or sketches
  • Repair errors in existing 3D printer files

You can use 3D scanning to obtain solid 3D models for manufacturing. The 3D models we provide are created with the highest quality in order to be compatible with modern manufacturing methods such as:

  • Machining with CAD/CAM software
  • Tool, Jig and die making
  • CNC routers, mills and lathes
  • Waterjet, laser and plasma cutters
  • Injection molding
  • Sheet metal

3D printing is an easy way to get plastic prototypes of your designs. Even if you have never used 3D printing before, you can begin using this exciting technology immediately. There are a variety of colors and materials to choose from. When you use our services, you always maintain ownership of the files. With 3D printing, you can: :

  • Verify a design concept by test fitting it
  • See and hold a new invention for the first time
  • Create miniatures of large structures
  • Create unique items for awards, souvenirs and promotions

images & animation

generate 360 degree panoramic images

generate Orthographic images (or orthophotos)

create 3d videos & animations

In addition to capturing point clouds, our scanners utilize on-board color cameras to capture 360 degree panoramic images. You can view these images using free software.

power plant wireframe

Orthographic images, or ortho-images for short, are views of a 3D scan that have been properly scaled in CAD so that they are dimensionally accurate. They can serve as background templates for drawing over to create 2D CAD drawings. A slice of the scan point cloud can be taken from any perspective and turned into an ortho-image.

Fly-through videos and 3D animations can be created according to your needs. Our We have even created a 30 second television commercial. When combined with 3D scanning, animations can be created with highly accurate dimensions for a high level of realism.

motor 3d scanning

For a quote on any of these 3D scanning output types, call us at 866-687-7784, email us at sales@arrival3d.com, or fill out the following form to get started.

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