3D Scanning Made East & Affordable

Scandy, a 3D scanning & printing organization based in New Orleans, has joined forces with PMD, one of the nations leading 3D sensor developers, to bring us Scandy Pro; an app that allows you to capture high quality 3D scans right from your phone and sensor.

More and more 3D technologies are becoming a part of our daily lives. But professional 3D scanning equipment is very expensive. Scandy’s challenge was bringing high quality 3D scanning at a low cost to customers, and they’ve met that challenge. Scandy Pro is an Android app scanning system for less than $500.

Scandy Pro allows Android users to capture real time quality 3D scans using the pmd pico flexx ToF sensor. Capturing features as small as 0.3 millimeters with a .25 meter bounding box. There are also a built-in editing capabilities in the app so you can make changes on the fly.

Scandy Pro: Scanning Technical Features:

  • Platform: Android > v5.0, Mac OSX, Linux
  • Average image throughput: 5-20 fps
  • Development environments: Mac OSX, Linux
  • Scanner size [pico flexx]: 68mm x 17mm x 7.25 mm
  • Supported programming languages: C++, Java, Unity
  • Detail range: ±0.3mm features with a box of 0.25m^3, ±1mm features with a box of 1m^3
  • Export formats: OBJ, STL, PLY
  • Viewing angle: 62° x 45°

The people at Scandy and PMD think that this technology will help bring 3D scanning into the lives of so many due to the affordability and easy-to-use platform. The Scandy Pro beta is now available. Scandy and PMD hope to have the final full product ready for consumers by the end of 2016. For more information, check out Scandy here.