Arrival 3D Delivers 3D Laser Scanning Services to LA Production Company

Once again, we recently set out for Downtown Los Angeles to perform our incredibly accurate 3D laser scanning services. This particular job stood out from the others, however. Our client was neither an aerospace engineering company, nor a custom automotive fabrication company, but a production company called MJ68.

3D Laser Scanning Services: in the limelight

Based in West Hollywood, MJ68 specializes in creating incredible commercial productions for automotive companies such as; Porsche, Mercedes, Smart Car, KIA, Dodge, VW, GMC, Ford & Honda (to name a few). In collaboration with Staud Studios (Germany), they were shooting new footage and photography at the top of high-rise parking structure for a new campaign for one of their automotive clients in Downtown LA. They wanted us to deliver a full color point cloud as well as panoramic images from our Faro Focus 3D, in order to test the 3D data and see if they could combine photogrammetry and our 3D point cloud to further enhance their already incredibly produced photographs and footage.

3D laser scanning services process

We set up shop at the top of the parking structure at sunrise in order to capture beautiful lighting. We set the scanner at 18 scanning locations around the top floor of the parking structure and were able to capture a great deal of 3D data, even though we were limited to only 1 hour due to monetary constraints on the project. This was sufficient enough for them to test the photogrammetry/3D data combination.

3D Scanning Services in Media

This is a great example of the further use and need of 3D laser scanning services & technologies in media. In another article, we will dive deeper into the current and future relationship of 3D laser scanning services & technologies and media production. We are looking forward to seeing what the talented people at MJ68 and Staud Studios will produce from our data capture. learn more about MJ68 Productions. Learn more about Staud Studios. To learn more about our 3D laser scanning services and how we can help you in your current and upcoming projects, click here.

For any and all of your 3D laser scanning services & needs, call Arrival 3D at 866-687-7784.

3D Laser Scanning Services
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