Scanning Streets in Washington

Using technology to make safer roads

3D laser scanning has been adopted in many areas and has created more efficient ways to produce objects and create safer places around the world. This equipment is so versatile there seem to be unlimited uses for this technology. It is no wonder that construction sites and teams have slowly adopted this fantastic tool to enhance the safety of places and roads.

A 3D laser scanning device has been attached to a car or mobile that can drive around and take accurate scans of the city it is in. In Spokane, Washington, this has already started happening. The 3D laser scanner can capture the entire city, road by road, this lets team members see what road is in desperate need of fixing. It allows the city to view the information and decide what is the top priority to increase safety.

“The purpose of this street scan car is to take laser level pictures, a continuous photo the whole length of our street, so we can get an idea of how our roads looks, what kind of distresses they have, that helps us prioritize and manage projects going forward.” Adam Jackson said, who is the City Pavement Management Coordinator.

This unique technology has made it easier to capture accurate and precise information at a rapid pace. It has helped us understand which part of cities are most in need, and create a plan to fix up cities. As more people see the wonderful uses of 3D laser scanning, it will continue to be adopted by many more towns who are looking to improve.

3D laser scanning is useful for construction

This technology allows for teams to gather information quickly. Instead of sending one person at a time out to inspect each individual road, this piece of equipment can go over every inch of the city much faster. The data that is collected gets sent to the team where they can analyze and assess the information.

It picks up every single detail that a human could miss. This makes 3D laser scanning much more efficient. Instead of having to redo any work that someone might have missed, the entire team gets an accurate layout of the road or building that had been scanned. This creates a straightforward construction plan and helps the time it takes to fix a road.

Final thoughts

Many people are adopting this technology outside of construction to enhance our safety. For example, police have started using this to capture real-time accidents and reporting them immediately. Many forensic investigators use 3D laser scanning to document crime scenes.  This technology will continue to improve the safety of our world.

3D laser scanning has changed the way we interact with technology. It is allowing us to be more productive and will enable us to share information openly. This tool has so many uses and is being adopted in professional settings all over the world, not just for construction use. 3D laser scanning will continue to be used to increase public safety, this is just the first step.

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