Scotland Brings Technology to The Festival of Lights

Modern technology brings awareness of growing ocean pollution

Aberdeen city, located in Scotland, bordering the North Sea, has introduced new equipment for the creation of Festival of Lights. The creators and directors have decided to use 3D laser scanners to project amazing images across the city.

This technology has been adopted in many other creative areas as well. It is no longer for large companies mass-producing items but has been growing in the creative field. Sculptors are using this technology to create realistic sculptors around cities. Architectures are using 3D laser scanners to create beautiful homes on the inside and out. Interior designers are using it to take accurate measurements of a person’s home and building models with the data collected.

How does this technology work?

It was initially created in the 1960s but didn’t gain any attention or use until the 1990s. It used to consist of giant cameras set up around an object collecting information of all sides. It was still working on efficiency and timeliness.

Since the adoption in the 1990s, it has become a handheld piece of equipment easy to use. Some are attached to cars, and smaller moving vehicles to capture data from places that are deemed dangerous. This technology works by capturing pictures, thousands per second, capturing every side of an object or every point of a scene.

Once the images are captured, the information is then stored in the cloud, users have the option to send it across the world in a matter of minutes. The data collected can also be uploaded to a partnering system that works with the 3D laser scanner to be edited. Once this is complete, it can be projected, created into virtual reality, or it can be 3D laser printed.

It has become some of the fastest and most efficient technology in the world. This technology can capture every microscopic detail that humans can’t naturally pick up, and It is a sustainable way to collect information on an object. It can handle a multitude of different environments, making it one of the most valuable pieces of technology on the market.

Festival of lights in Scotland

The city of Aberdeen has adopted this technology to showcase ocean themes around the city. The ideas were inspired by the pollution growing in the ocean. It helps raise awareness for anyone who views the lights.

3D laser scanners are now helping create one of a kind artistic pieces, as well as keeping it unique and original. They are being used to create images all over the city to promote awareness. This not only allows people to view original work, but it promoted tourism in the city itself. More than 91,000 have come to see it since 2018.

Final thoughts on using 3D laser scanners

Using 3D laser scanners to promote taking care of our world will create a stir among other industries besides the artistic industry.  Soon everyone will understand how useful this technology can be in every single field, the more consumers will acquire the skill and resources to use this equipment.

Countries all over the world are finding promising used for this technology, changing the way we interact with our environment. It is helping spread awareness and keeping things relevant to this generation. It is creating better and more efficient ways to view our world while promoting our quality of life.

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