St. Louis Building Uses 3D Laser Scanning

This technology could save thousands of dollars

Every architect knows that a building is never just a building. It is someone’s vision come to life, it is a piece of art that requires time and dedication. Creating a structure takes someone who is precise and thinks about every little detail, and this is a tedious and time-consuming task.

3D laser scanning has taken that hard work out of a detail-oriented job, to create better buildings, faster and precisely. A team in St. Louis is working on a 36-floor building and completed 19 of those floors using 3D laser scanning.

This project is 130 million dollars and will be completed next summer. The team has decided to use technology to help move this project along because it is an extremely detailed building. Each floor has a different shape, the edges of the building are jagged, and even the walls have different measurements. Once it is finished, it will indeed be a work of art.

However, because this building is so detailed and so many floors, the team uses 3D laser scanning to keep track of exact measurements. It is a unique design. The floor slabs need to be positioned correctly; otherwise, the curtain wall will not fit. The team goes floor by floor using 3D scanning devices to make sure the building is safe, secure, and still perfectly designed.

Benefits of using 3D laser scanning

This technology is far more precise than any human could ever be. It decreases the amount of time the team has to take measurements, and overall decreases the time something needs to be built. With how accurate the details and information is, there is a lower chance of a team needing to rebuild a building. This could save a team thousands of dollars.

With better quality and accurate building plans, it lowers the risk of injury on a construction team. If they know exactly where to place a wall or a slab of bricks, there is less chance they will be put in danger. 3D laser scanning has really impacted the way teams build, and the safety of construction workers.

What is 3D laser scanning

This technology uses a handheld device that captures information and saves it for future reference. This allows teams to accurately collect data on a building or a site. 3D laser scanning takes thousands of images and then creates a virtual or 3D model with the data.

3D laser scanning collects, sizes, dimensions, every brick, every wall, and all the interior pipes. This makes it one of the best technologies a construction team could adopt and use for building massive structures.

Final thoughts

As 3D laser scanning becomes more developed, more places around the world will adopt this technology to help build more secure structures. It will also become used to help rebuild historical sites, helping open them back up for public use. 3D laser scanning will also make building plans easily accessible for future reference.

This technology will continue to increase our quality of life and set higher standards for how we build things.

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