Air Forces Uses Technology to Create Training

Virtual reality creates better learning opportunities

The Air Force has always tried to stay on top of the latest technology using it to benefit their men. They have recruited a team from Sketchbox to help train their men using 3D laser scanning. The approval of using this technology could open many more doors in the military, not just the Air Force.

What is the plan?

Researchers from Sketchbox when to the Travis Air Force base in California to take 3D laser scans of one of the aircraft. They were able to get on one of the biggest airplanes the Air Force has to offer and take scans of the inside and outside of the structure.

From these scans, they can create a virtual reality that allows the crew members to practice emergency drills. From day one on the aircraft, they are taught how to use all of the emergency equipment. However, learning and actually doing it are very different things.

Many of the soldiers know how to use an emergency slide in theory but have never had the opportunity to do it in person. For a lot of people, actually doing the actions are better for learning than reading about it.

Virtual reality from 3D laser scanning would allow a more in-depth learning experience that our soldiers would not usually get. This training could save lives and open many possibilities to learn new things that these men and women would not have the opportunity to learn otherwise.

The future possibilities

3D laser scanning could change the primary way the military teaches classes. Instead of learning in a textbook, the military could create virtual reality programs that allow the team to learn interactively. Engineers could practice on virtual engines. Emergency slides could be deployed virtually, and anything in between.

This could lead to military routines becoming safer, and soldiers getting trained accurately before anything serious happens. 3D laser scanning could change the future of how we train and is in the process of being adopted.

Who else could use it

3D laser scanning is not only changing military learning and training, but it is also changing the way civilians learn too. It could create a way for kids to learn virtually instead of through textbooks. This technology is also creating ways to get physical replicas of ancient artifacts that could be studied by schools.

It is being adopted in many areas of life because it creates new ways to learn. This also allows for the information to be sent across the globe in minutes, creating a fast and free way to share information with those who would not usually have access to it.

Final thoughts

As this technology gets developed by more companies, more people will start adopting 3D laser scanning. It will become one of the main ways we teach kids and gather information to share. Companies are focused on creating the best version, and as this happens, it will create more opportunities for us to use.

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