Star Trek Themed 3D Laser Scanning Device

Boldly going into the future

Some of us grew up watching Star Trek and gazed upon devices that were not yet real and fantasized about them. One company has had the idea of turning these devices from our fantasy world and turning them into real-life equipment that can actually be used. It is fun, it works, and it brings us joy knowing these devices from the screen can be turned into something real. Technology has helped us take our fantasies to the next level by making them a reality.

A new device is being developed by The Wand Company and is a version of the Tricorder from Star Trek. In the T.V. series, this machine was used to scan other species, record them, and collect information. It is almost exactly like a 3D laser scanner only much cooler. The Wand Company has decided to make their 3D laser scanning device look like the Tricorder from the original Star Trek series.

This company has already created a few different Star Trek themed devices. They have created a Bluetooth communicator and the Phaser. All of their products work as expected and can be found for budget-friendly retail prices.

What is 3D laser scanning

Though somewhat new to our world, 3D laser scanning is becoming widely popular and is used to make many of the things we use today. It is a small device that can be held or attached to something else like a drone or moving item and takes a rapid picture. Some even have laser beams that project out of the device and measure the distance it takes to bounce from the object back.

It collects information that would typically go missed and can help produce some of the most accurate models you will ever see. It can be edited through CAD, and from there, it can be sent to anyone in the world. The data is gathered and stored into the Cloud, an internet server that many people worldwide can access if permission is granted.

The information collected from 3D laser scanning devices can be turned into physical models for actual use, which is what The Wand Company is doing. It can also be used to develop virtual reality, and it can be sent to anyone in the world for them to study. This is an incredible technology that is multiplying fastly.

There are so many benefits of using this technology, and because of that, it is becoming adopted quickly. It is noninvasive, so it will not harm anything that is scanned, it does not harm any people who may get scanned, and it is budget-friendly. 3D laser scanning is easily accessible now because many companies are competing to develop the latest version.

There are many uses for 3D laser scanning

This technology is no longer only used for research; it is being used to make our dreams come true. We can get themed and personalized products thanks to 3D laser scanning. We can share the information across the world in a matter of minutes. There is nothing else like this technology, and it will continue to be developed in we will find more uses for it.

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