Keeping Roads and Tracks Safe Through 3D Laser Scanning

Plus the added benefit of earlier project completion times

Our world is growing; we are continuously adding in new roads, train tracks, and more. However, with so many new roads, we are always having to update them and maintain them for safety reasons. Construction teams that manage sites and roads have started using technology to help maintain safety levels. Technology has also provided a way for construction time to be cut in half.

3D laser scanning devices have come into the construction world and has helped us increase construction maintenance routines. This can help maintain railroads and other roads during winter when tons of snow and salt erodes the ground. It can help them see what the top priority is to fix, and it can also help determine something is wet or dry, which can help with the construction.

3D laser scanning is a way to keep a team safe. Instead of sending a group of men into a dangerous zone, they can attach this device to a moving piece of equipment. This moving device can then scan an entire tunnel or space without putting lives at risk. Construction companies worldwide will continue to see the wonderful uses of this technology and continue to adopt it.

The benefits of 3D laser scanning to maintain roads

There are a lot of benefits of using 3D laser scanning devices for a construction team. Due to all of these reasons, it has become a widely popular tool for construction sites.

  • Noninvasive – Instead of going in and taking samples that could destroy something more, 3D laser scanning takes rapid pictures and user lasers lights that measure the object at a distance. There is no probing or picking at an object or scene that could cause damage.
  • Less Risk – Instead of sending in multiple people and causing them harm, you can send in the device alone. This helps with especially dangerous places that are deemed too intense for a human to go into.
  • Faster – When a construction company uses a 3D laser scanning device, they can detect wear and tear faster than normal. They can record it over time and prioritize what needs to be done before anything happens. It helps create a better plan of action, and this can help lead to less maintenance time.

Along with 3D laser scanning devices, a company in Germany created a tunnel inspection system (TIS), one of the fastest scanners in the world. This has all of the benefits listed above. Still, it is meant explicitly for tunnels that construction crews need to maintain for safety. It uses a lighting system instead of cameras but is still just as accurate. On top of that, it can detect moisture, which can be essential for a construction crew to know before going in to do work.

3D laser scanning is changing our world

As we advance in society, we are always trying to maintain the safety of travel. We are becoming a moving society, we travel by cars, planes, and trains. It is crucial to maintain the safety of these roads, planes, and railways. This can be done using 3D laser scanning devices. On top of that, many companies around the globe are dedicated to keeping the scanning devices updated. Everything is becoming safer through technology.

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