Apple Has Two New Patents for 3D Laser Scanning

Adding new possibilities for iphone and mac users

3D laser scanning is a trending topic in the technological world. It has been developed at an incredible speed and adopted just as fast due to its versatile uses. There is nothing that can capture such precise imaging like 3D laser scanning can. It leaves little to no errors for people using it during research. However, it is now being used by more than just researchers. Over the last few years, many apps have come out that allow users with a phone or tablet to use their device as a 3D laser scanner.

Apple is one of the best and most well-known names around the world. As a brand, they are always trying to stay up to date and advance their phones, tablets, and computers. They have just won two patents to use 3D laser scanning devices and embed them into their products. This can leave many possibilities for future iPhone users and even MAC users.

Though there have been many patents for Apple, over 50, there are two that are very noteworthy. They have been in the process for many years now, and even though the designs may be a little outdated, the technology is still some of the best on the market. The first patent involves using 3D laser scanning equipment in a phone to create floor plans and capture images of space. The second is air gesturing and enhancing the 3D imagery. If added into the Apple products, this could advance them far more than we could have ever believed.

How does this technology work

In 1993 one of the major companies to start using and creating what we now know as 3D laser scanning devices was called Cyra Technologies. They were then purchased by Leica Geosystems, which is still one of the leading 3D laser scanning companies. However, this system and program have been around since the 1960s, but it wasn’t yet developed enough to be put to regular use. Cyra really helped push the advancement of this technology, and Leica Geosystems took it to the next level.

3D laser scanning is a handheld device that project laser beams that measure how far the light beam travels. At the same time, it takes rapid pictures of the space or object collecting information on something. This technology is now being embedded in phones and even turned into apps you can download by different companies. This makes it easy to get and versatile.

After it collects information, the data is stored in a cloud. The cloud is an internet-based server, and once the information is stored there, it cannot be deleted. You can also have access to the information at any time, and so can the public if you allow it. After that, it can be edited, turned into physical models, developed into virtual reality, or turned into whatever else you need it to be.

3D laser scanners in phones help our future

If Apple successfully creates 3D laser scanning software in our phones, this could change our world. Everyone could easily share their layout of wherever they are, go shopping with their family, who is a country apart, and more. It could allow us to quickly develop images of our homes and share them over the phone with our family members. Having a device like this in our phones could also help students’ study when they can’t remember what an image or object looks like.

3D laser scanning is quickly changing our world, and we are finding ways to implement it in our everyday lives. People worldwide will soon be able to use their phones to captures images, and we will be able to send those images through an incredibly accurate text. This will change the way we live our lives.

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