Steganography and 3D Laser Scanning

The new art of hidden messages

3D laser scanning is now being used to send messages through images and placing those images or files within other photos and files. Almost like the movie inception but 3D laser scanning style. This idea was initially used with computers, sending detailed records through a picture or another file. Since this, researchers have found a way to do it in 3D laser scanning and printing.

The idea is to hide a message in 3D scans, have a user print the 2D models they see, and once there is a 3D model, they can physically print and view the hidden message. This act of hiding information like a picture or file within an image is called steganography.

What is 3D laser scanning

3D laser scanning is the act of taking photos at a rapid pace. Sometimes thousands of images per second. It captures information on an object, things like size, width, dimension, textures, and colors. Once all of this information is collected, it can be sent to a partnering system where it is edited. This is also the point where someone can hike a secret message or some sort of information.

A user can see the object at any angle, any point, and hide a file within the purpose. The information is collected in the cloud and saved forever; it can be used as a point of future reference. Once it is saved, it can be sent anywhere in the world within minutes. The information collected from 3D laser scanning can be turned into virtual reality or 3D printed into a model.

The most fantastic thing about steganography is that the message placed in the object 2D can be physically 3D printed into a model. This allows whoever prints it to see the message in real life. Researchers have been using the original way of hiding messages and developing it into something better and more advanced.

Who else uses 3D laser scanning

Many people are adopting this technology for a variety of uses. It is no longer only used for researchers. There are many apps and developments in phones and IPads that allow anyone with the technology to use their devices like scanners. This could help with schoolwork or even designers who are collecting information.

3D laser scanning is some of the most advanced technology in the world. It is precise, quick, and accurate.  It can capture details at such a rapid pace it is hard for a human to compare to this technology. It has shaped how we learn, how we store information, and how we share information.

Final thoughts

This technology has an insane amount of potential and will continue to evolve and grow in many different fields. It is being used to upgrade our lives in many different ways and raising the quality of our lives. 3D laser scanning is creating a competitive market. As we adopt it more throughout the world, the more uses we will find. Steganography is just the latest advancement but will not be the last. It has truly shaped our world for the better and will continue to improve our lives.

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