Worm Imprint Identified Using 3D Laser Scanning

One of the most significant finds in this generation

Overview3D laser scanning has allowed researchers to find many great things and make discoveries that are not only shaping our history but brightening our future. It has helped save our past, creating ways to preserve history to share with future generations. Now, 3D laser scanning has helped find one of the oldest fossils on the planet.

Scientists discovered this old fossil deep under the sea. They first noticed something interesting about these rocks and minerals 15 years ago. Still, they were never able to zoom in and identify any of the marks created in the fossil. 3D laser scanning allowed the scientists to not only observe in great detail but get close enough to find the microscopic imprint of a worm-like structure. This was no bigger than a grain of rice.

The fossil has been one of the most significant finds in this generation and will be an eye-opener as to where we came from. Or what we came from.

What is 3D laser scanning

This technology is the act of taking thousands of pictures per second, collecting on objects. These objects can be tiny like a small rock, or substantial like a colossal ship. 3D laser scanning collects information like size, width, all dimensions, color, and texture. It can zoom in and out, and you can view the 2D image from all angles that are captured through the technology.

Once this information is collected, it is then stored in the cloud forever that can be used as a reference in the future. This data and the images can be sent across the world in minutes, creating free information for everyone around the world. After this step, it can be developed into 3D virtual reality, printed into a 3D model, all to be studied.

It has been adopted in various fields, it is no longer only used for research. Many versions of 3D laser scanners are being developed into apps. Allowing any consumer, from anywhere in the world use this technology to enrich their lives.

Why this find is important

So why is this fossil such an extraordinary find? This find in Australia shows a creature that lived 555 million years ago. It is the oldest fossil scientists have ever found. It also shows the first organism with bilateral symmetry. This means two equal sides that are identical. Not all animals or organisms possess this characteristic. This symmetry allows an organism to move purposely.

This could show how things started to evolve. We have never been closer to the answer we have all had questions about. What did we grow from? How did we change? This find could help us learn where we came from and everything it took to get where we are today.

Final thoughts

3D laser scanning is some of the most advanced technology in our modern world. As it develops, it will help us find out more about our past. It is continuously creating better ways of living and high quality of life. This technology is an incredible tool and will continue to help find out about our past.

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