Modifying Engines with 3D Laser Scanning

Planning in advance for a safer journey

3D laser scanning is continuously evolving, and we are adopting the technology globally for many different reasons. People in various fields have picked up this technology and found incredible uses for it. Not only is it creating a competitive market it is creating new ways to develop products sustainably.

What is 3D laser scanning

3D laser scanning uses a small handheld device that can take images of substantial items. Sometimes thousands of pictures per second collecting detailed information on the item being scanned. It can collect data like texture, dimensions, color, sizes, and anything in between.Once the information is collected, it is then saved in the cloud, where it can be used as a reference in the future. From there, it can be edited in a partnering program, 3D printed into a model or developed into virtual reality.

Who is using it now

A Boston Massachusetts company has now adopted this technology to help modify and redesign engines on massive ships that run from the east coast. The vessel was originally built in 2009 and now needs some updates. 3D laser scanning provides a faster way to get all the information on massive engines in under a few minutes. Once the data is collected, researchers and an engineering team will be able to go over the scans and identify what needs to be remodeled.The team wanted to collect all of the information and update it before the ship went underway. This would help make it safer on the long journey.

Who else uses this technology

This technology has truly created a competitive market that entire companies are focused on. Each company is creating new versions of 3D laser scanning to compete with each other. Each version is focused on someone who could use it.
  • Doctors- Have adopted 3D laser scanning devices to take full-body imaging. This fantastic technology allows them to examine the whole body at once in less than a few minutes. The information would not only observe the outer levels of the body but the inside as well. It could save many lives and detect abnormalities that may prevent diseases from developing.
  • Architects- They have adopted this technology because it allows them to create accurate 3D models that will enable them to help rebuild a home.
  • Engineers- Have used this technology to help restructure pipelines and other major infrastructure within buildings.
  • Police- One of the most amazing things about 3D laser scanning is that it has been adopted by police all over the globe. It helps capture images on accidents and creates evidence that can be used in court.
  • Fashion Designers- Entire clothing companies have adopted this technology to design and make custom made clothing for customers.

Final thoughts

3D laser scanning will continue to be adopted around the globe because of its various uses. As it develops, more ways to use this technology will come to light. It is continuously changing the way we live our lives and creating a higher quality of life.

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