Essential Medical Supplies Produced by 3D Laser Scanning

Technology aids in preventing a shortage

COVID-19 has swept the streets of America and has states in lockdown mode for the foreseeable future. If this isn’t scary enough, imagine a world where doctors are running out of supplies to battle this virus. Well, you don’t have to imagine, it’s really happening.

Technology-based manufacturing companies have now stopped their routine procedures and shifted gears to help our hospitals combat this virus and survive. Mursix corporation originally designed automotive parts using 3D laser scanning technology

However, this company decided to help a local hospital in Michigan by changing their manufacturing system to produce essential medical equipment. This company has changed everything in their facility to be able to use their 3D laser scanning technology to provide custom made masks. These masks are now critical for protecting America’s doctors and nurses.

In fact, this technology is being adopted all over the world by multiple companies trying to help doctors out. It is no longer being used by one company but has many companies changing direction to help this growing pandemic.

What is 3D laser scanning

This technology was initially created in the 1960s but never gained use until the 1990s. Since then, it has developed into high-speed devices that can take pictures at a rapid pace. Sometimes thousands per second. It collects incredibly detailed and sensitive information that humans would have trouble managing in that short amount of time.

3D laser scanning gathers information like the sizes and dimensions of an object or, in this case, a person’s face. It can collect microscopic details like scratches and dents on an object. This technology can obtain information with ranges of colors and textures. Anything you could think of this device can capture.

Who else is this technology helping

3D laser scanning is currently helping consumers in multiple ways. This virus has most people all over the world stuck inside. This technology is being used to create virtual reality for families to view and use all over the globe. You can now log into specific programs and walk through virtual reality spaces that were created with 3D laser scanning devices.

It is being used to create custom made gear for hospitals as well as ventilators. As the virus continues to take over, we will be turning to this technology to provide valuable material for everyone to use and benefit from.

As more schools turn to online programs to teach their students, they will be adopting this technology to provide the best images and historical references.

Final thoughts

COVID-19 has alarmed the whole world, and in response to this pandemic, many technology-based companies have changed their focus to help battle this situation. They are using their technology to support our hospitals and create much-needed resources at a rapid pace.

As more companies adopt this technology and switch their focus to the medical field, the more our doctors will have a fighting chance to stay safe and save lives. 3D laser scanning will help shape the outcome of this pandemic.

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