Super Bowl Makes Use of 3D Scanning

3D scanning services Gets in the Game

Are you ready for some football? If you are any kind of football fan, then you are. Football fans love the game. They breathe it, wear it, and would fry it up and eat it if they could. Suppose that you are not a football fan, though, and find yourself in the midst of a bunch of cheeseheads. Chances are you will feel like grandma in a mosh pit. If it is the middle of NFL season and there is a big game coming up, then you had better learn the lingo. If not, then go find an underwater basket weaving club because you will be OUT! One guy who felt the need to get his head in the game is Mr. 3D scanning.

The Fans Need 3D Scanning Services

A lot goes in to making NFL fans feel happy, especially for the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is the game of games for fans. This is why news and sports broadcasters like NBC are doing what they can to make their watchers happy. One way that they are doing this is by changing things up with a little 3D scanning services. Instead of giving those viewers a flat photo image of players, they are putting some of them in 3D. At least that’s what they did during last football season’s Super Bowl. During the game, the sports broadcasters are always talking about key players, showing stats and what not. They usually put pictures up when they do that. The past has always been a 2D snapshot. These days fans are needing a little more to keep them visually stimulated. So that’s why they use 3D scanning services to give a little fuller image by going 3D.

How to Play the 3D scanning game

You might be wondering how they produce a 3D image of a player. 3D scanning is not new. This type of 3D technology has been busy in every field from medical, aviation, manufacturing, automotive, and many more. 3D scanning is technology that can take a physical object and reproduce it in digital form. A 3D scanner has a laser and a sensor. The laser is pointed at the object as it reflects back to the sensor, that distance is recorded as a point. Points are recorded by moving the laser all around the object. After the whole surface of the object has been scanned, those points are joined together to make what is called a point cloud. That point cloud is then used to construct a virtual 3D image.

So now that we know how 3D scanning works, it is not hard to see how sports news broadcasters can make a 3D image of a football player. The NFL football player is scanned in the same way any other object is scanned. Such a process is pretty simple as long as the players are willing to participate. It may not seems like much to most of us to see a 3D image on the screen instead of a 2D image. Those who produce sports broadcasts know what they are doing. We may not recognize it ourselves, but subconsciously we are more stimulated with a 3D image. So please pass the chips and salsa and let’s enjoy the 3D scanning services show.

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