Testing Pistons With 3D Laser Scanning

Working to eliminate factory recalls due to faulty parts

3D laser scanning has become one of the hottest topics in the world. Many companies have opened up and started designing new equipment, all of these companies trying to create the best quality 3D laser scanning. Many surprising businesses have begun adopting 3D laser scanning because it has become so advanced.

Companies that help create designer cars are using this technology to scan hard to find pieces and 3D printing them for physical use. It is assisting production time so much it has cut in half and making these hard to find parts or specialized pieces more accessible.

What pieces is it being used for

3D laser scanning is helping to create and build pistons for Porches. They are being used to help develop this part in 911 GT2 RS engines. The pistons created through 3D laser scanning and printing are still in the first stages of being created and need more testing before being implemented in the actual cars for use. So far, it is working wonderfully to use this technology to develop pistons.

Pistons are highly necessary for a car. This is the piece that takes the fuel and converts it to energy. It helps make the car go, and if it is broken, your vehicle will not run. So, it is crucial to make sure these pieces are well running before putting it in multiple cars. The more these pieces are tested, the less likely they will get recalled. So far, 3D laser scanning has been worth all of the hype it gets.

How does this technology work

3D laser scanning takes multiple pictures, but more than that. It takes thousands of images at a fast pace. In the device, there is a laser beam that projects from it; this is a light that shines out and measures the bounce’s distance. It measures how long the light takes to hit the object and back to where it originates.

This technology was created a while ago in the 1960s but wasn’t adopted until the 1990s when it was better designed and easier to use. Since the 1990s, many professionals in various fields have started using this technology.

Why is 3D laser scanning so popular

3D laser scanning provides a way to gather information noninvasively and then gives the user the option to send the information worldwide, turn it into virtual reality, or in this case, 3D print it for physical use. It is some of the most precise equipment on the market due to all of the data it collects through the pictures.

Once the information is collected, it has the option to be saved forever through the cloud, which is a server that stores all sorts of data. It makes it one of the best ways to have something for future reference. 3D laser scanning has proved to be incredibly useful.

Who else can use this technology

3D laser scanning is not only for car buffs. It is for anyone with interest in learning about this technology. Many different kinds of researchers use this. It is great for anyone studying fossils or historical objects because it is non-invasive and will not harm objects. Construction crews or using it to redo major roads for safer travels sustainably. It is an incredibly useful technology that can be used in so many different fields.

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