The Rumors Are True: 3D Laser Scanning Coming To Your iPhone

This technology is changing our world

The last we heard of the new iPhone update was that the company had put a patent on adding a LIDAR scanner to their phones. This rumor is confirmed. The iPhone 12 update will include a 3D laser scanning device embedded in the phone. This will change the way we access our phones and view the world around us. New apps will emerge from this latest update, and soon it will help us understand why 3D laser scanning is so excellent.

This technology is incredible and has come so far from the original creation. In the 1960s, 3D laser scanning was invented but not fully adopted. They were large pieces that were boxy, harder to move around, and needed some kinks worked out. Once they were adopted in the 1990s, more companies focused on making them smaller and faster than ever.

Now they are small enough that it can fit in your next iPhone upgrade or big enough to lay down in for a full-body 3D laser scan. This technology has come so far, and companies’ opportunities to do great things with them are changing our world. Soon, with this new release of the latest iPhone, more people will understand the benefits of LIDAR.

What is LIDAR

LIDAR is the most accurate form of 3D laser scanning and can achieve outstanding results and let us gather information faster than ever before. LIDAR stands for light detection and ranging; this means it uses lights to capture data on a scene. These lights are also known as small lasers that are being measured by how far they travel.

How is Apple using LIDAR

For the first time ever, there will be an added LIDAR chip to the phones that allow the person to control the phone to have access to the technology. This has never been done before, though other Apple products have already been added in LIDAR technology. For example, the iPad Pro that was released some time ago.

What can this new edition do for phones

In a world where there is no shame in the selfie game, Apple has tuned in on this. Adding in LIDAR technology can take photos to an entirely different level and create an unreal world to pose in. They tapped into LIDARs best features to enhance the camera, setting and create ways to take phenomenal photos with this new phone.

There are already a few apps in the Apple Store that can be paired up with this technology to help take accurate scans of rooms and objects. As this phone spreads, more apps will continue to come out to be paired with this incredible technology that is at our hands.

Final thoughts

3D laser scanning has never been more accessible. Soon millions of people will have access to the highest technology that is trending rapidly in the technological world. This tool is so advanced no one would have ever believed what it would help us achieve when it was first invented. Now it will be in phones, apps, computers, and many more devices that we use every day.

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