Top 3 Budget-Friendly 3D Scanners of 2018

Today, with 3D scanners, turning real-world physical objects into the 3D presentation is possible, and it is bringing a revolution in almost every field of application. The 3D scanner market is diverse and offers a bouquet of laser scanners that come in all types of shapes, prices, portability, and features. The choice of scanners is crucial because it is a popular technology for easing technicalities among the working professionals in diverse fields. The scanners are primarily of two types contact and non-contact scanners. Contact scanners as the name suggests, requires direct contact with the object, whereas non-contact scanners use radiation or laser to capture the collection information about a particular object.

best 3D scanners of 2018 for your business

1) Occipital Structure Sensor – Mobile Scanner

It is the first sensor for mobile devices, and due to the small size, it is easily clipped on the iPad. The scanner provides perfect laser scanning services because the device allows scanning, mapping, and virtual reality gaming. The sensor is a pocket-friendly and a perfect example of a 3D device that has the potential to revolutionize 3D scanning and printing. The device is solid and is backed by an impressive technology, which makes it unique in every possible way. The scanner uses the concept of structured light wherein an infrared laser projector caste a given pattern on the object. The sensor of the scanner uses these dots to find the possible distortions in the environment while the scanning is in progress. The entire process of finding distortions and using dot creates a depth map of the object in the picture.

2) David Structured Light Scanner 2 (SLS 2) – Industrial Scanner

It is an impressive machine which uses the concept of structured light sensing to create colored and high 3D scans. The scanner comes with a high definition video projector, which has an extremely large focus range and stable calibration panels. The scanner is capable of picking up fingerprints from clay because of the high-quality lens. It is an industrial scanner which comes in the range of $2500 and offers high-speed, accurate scanning. Furthermore, the scans can be easily be imported into standard file formats and later on processes into different applications including reverse engineering, inspection, etc.

3) XYZprinting 3D Scanner – Handheld Scanner

The scanner is compact and has an extremely light design. The weight of the scanner allows easy and free moment around the desired object while performing the scanning. The feather-light camera is ideal for scanning objects ranging from a toy to a human head. The laser scanning services it provides is of a front or user-facing 3D scanner. The cost of the scanner is around $200 and is probably the cheapest handled camera available in the marketing.

The laser scanning services provided by the 3D scanners depend on your use and requirement. For example, if you’re into traveling, prefer a handheld and compact scanner. Whatever may be your requirement, always make an informed decision.

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