Advantages of 3d scanning for Body Scanning

Online shoppers have many expectations from their shopping experience, and the primary is the ability to return the ill-fitting garments effortlessly. But, the return of clothes is a nightmare for the retailer because they end-up bearing the shipping charges, inventory expenses, and labor cost. Today, 3D scanning is the answer for both the retailers and customers. According to research, close to 40% of the apparels bought online are returned by the customers. The number is likely to shoot up as the popularity of online shopping penetrates. Therefore, to reduce the cost of returning apparels, many retailers are partnering with 3D body scanning to assist the customer in finding garments that fit them perfectly.

3d scanning services and body scanning

What is 3d body scanning?

Most of the garment manufacturers decide the size and fitting of apparels based on limited information. In the absence of accurate body measurement of the customers, companies size the clothes in 3 or 4 standard sizes. But, the human body does not come in any standard size and the structure of every customer is different from the other. Due to this the customer either ends up receiving tight fit or loose fit clothes. To avoid the misery of the customers, retailers are using 3D scanning services, which is a non-contact 3D measurement method. Body scanning produces a digital image of the surface geometry of the customer using the infrared sensing. The procedure creates a silhouette of the person, and the retailer gets an extensive list of the body measurements. The data, later on, comes in handy when manufacturing the garments.

How does 3d body scanning help?

3D body scanning is empowering customers to upload their measurements and buy clothes which fit their body size perfectly. The 3D model contains tailor measurement points such as hip size, chest size, and overall body circumference, which are highly valuable data for creating perfect fit apparel.  Furthermore, the models provide visualization from different angles. The customized experience surpasses their expectations, and the customers rarely return the products to the retailers. 

Additionally, the 3D scanning services collect a million data points, which retailers are using to recommend additional products such as shoes, belts, etc. It is the perfect solution for fitting challenges, which has become a nightmare for the online retailers. It is helping reduce the overall return rate, thereby allowing them to focus on creating trendy and fashionable apparels. Last, but not the least,  the technology is reducing the time and cost of taking manual measurements and also enhancing the accuracy of the measurements.

When is the right time to use 3d scanning?

Even though 3D scanning offers umpteen advantages, the technology is relatively new, and only a few retailers are currently using it. Apart from reducing cost and time for taking a measurement, the 3D technology is improving the overall customer satisfaction and enhancing the online shopping experience of the customers. The right time is now to invest in 3D scanning!

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