Turning Spider Webs Into Music With 3D Laser Scanning Services

Vibrations Are Transformed Into a Form of Music

All music buffs look for inspiration of some kind. The latest news in technology and music is that researchers are turning spider webs into music by taking their strands and investigating the vibrations of each strand. How are they doing this? With the help of 3D laser scanning services, of course! This technology has turned into one of the best investigative tools on the market. 

Markus Buehler, a man who holds a postdoctoral degree, was responsible for this project. He teamed up with other researchers in Massachusetts to complete this project. With the best minds and the latest technology, this project was a success. 

Though the vibrations turned into a form of music, the sounds were somewhat unsettling and more haunting than a music buff may enjoy. However, creating the sounds and understanding how the spider web was made was an incredible journey for the team. The silk from the spider web is very strong and sturdy. With advanced technology and a physics program to calculate the vibrations, it was easy to create sound for our human ears. 

How 3D laser scanning works

You may be surprised to learn that 3D laser scanning services have been around for some time. However, it has not always been so advanced. The original form of 3D laser scanning involved giant chunky cameras that surrounded an item to get a physical object into a 2D form on the computer. Now it is much more accurate and does not involve a lot of steps. 

All a user has to do is hold a handheld device that takes rapid pictures of an object and captures data points that can be used later. It captures thousands of pictures that can be overlapped in a CAD system, and it captures data points that can be layered on top. It helps a researcher see the entire picture, and then it can be edited for whatever research they’re doing.

Who else is using 3D laser scanning SERVICES?

Many projects are being done with 3D laser scanning services. It is used for more than just science. It is being used for doctors and patients who need to see below the skin’s surface quickly. In addition, this technology is being used to create new prosthetic limbs for kids in third-world countries and even adults. 

3D laser scanning has become one of the most versatile tools. Paired with 3D printing or other software, it has allowed us access to view the world differently. As a result, we can construct buildings easier, preserve historical sites, and save lives with this technology. 

Final thoughts

3D laser scanning services may not be the most conventional way to create music. Especially if we are talking about the vibrations from spider silk. However, it is a new approach to understanding something we find basic. It has created haunting music that comes from nature, and 3D laser scanning has completely awed us. Nevertheless, more research will be done that allows us to explore our world and see things differently. 

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